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    1. Nate - Minneapolis, MN
    2. Generally, I practice at home on both carpet and laminate flooring. Occasionally I will go to a simulator facility and practice on the putting area there if they have one.  
    3. I've had one of those mats that have a little ramp and roll up, but when you unroll them there's always a little crease in the mat that kicks the ball offline and it very quickly gets frustrating. 
    4. Since I really only play public courses I'd like to test the Slow (9-10 Stimpmeter) green. 
  1. Hey everyone! It's that time of year that people love giving stuff away, so it would be helpful to have a place to share sign-ups for giveaways online. Other than Rory giving away 5 pairs of headphones on his Facebook page (facebook.com/RoryMcilroy) I got an email about this one from 2nd Swing last week. Grand prize is two '14 Masters Scotty's. www.2ndswing.com/t-augusta-georgia-contest.aspx  


    Also, I don't get any bonus entries for sharing the link, just thought it would be good to have a place to share 'em. 



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  2. This golf blog is running a contest for the Masters, the grand prize is a Limited Edition Scotty and it looks pretty great. They're giving away some other Masters branded stuff, too. Thought I'd share because, apparently, you get extra drawing entries if you do.  Here's the link!

    Masters Contest


    Who do you think has a shot at winning this weekend? I always cheer for Sergio, just because I feel like it has to happen eventually, right?


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