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  1. Need the Quarry at Giants Ridge on the list…the rest are all solid choices.
  2. Clark Minnesota 6 Titleist 913 19 hybrid, Titleist 913 24 hybrid
  3. I use the same balls on my optishot. The AlmostBalls do register but the speed is quite a bit slower then a real ball, which accounts for the distance of foam balls. I also don't hit longer irons due to the cars being in the garage since I have room for the optishot with them inside. Foam balls don't dent the cars:)
  4. I only have about 6 feet and it hasn't had a problem picking up the ball with wedges. Due to my net and ceiling level, I can't hit drivers or long irons. One of the reason I use foam balls with the Optishot.
  5. Received my sc100 two days ago. Took it to the range yesterday. Used it in both practice mode with multiple clubs and random mode for a few wedge shots. The unit's reading seemed spot on for the most part. Today I used it in my hitting area at home. I have a net and Optishot to practice in the winter (which seems to be a 11 months long in Minnesota). I normally use foam balls on the Optishot, which don't work on the SC100. Since my net will allow me to hit real balls for chipping and shots under 100 yards, i used the random mode which is random shots under 100 yards. Worked great. I think this will be a great device to practice my short game during the winter and long game on the range. Clark
  6. Concur about dynamic launch angle and it changing... However, if I was to try and use this for distance practice it would be nice to match the system calculated distance to my real life distance and that could be done by adjusting loft (i.e. 8 iron for me is 155 but SC100 calculates it at 150 due to my iron loft). Adjusting 1 degree could bring that number close to actual, which then makes "target" mode more effective. Not doubting it would be an effective tool, even the way it is. Do you think they will integrate into any mobile device to record information? Clark
  7. Seems like a short coming considering how some GI sets have stronger lofts than other irons. I believe, for example the AP2's have one degree stronger loft in short irons to keep the ball flight lower, which in turn changes the distance calculations.
  8. Great follow up. Just about to pull the trigger on buying one since I have to have all the best toys:) I asked this in another thread, but can you adjust the loft of the clubs on the device? For example, I use a 50 degree wedge. If it is using the loft to calculate distance, it would be off it thinks the wedge is 48 or 52. Any concerns about if you hit shots high or low to control the distance?
  9. Great review and very helpful. Was about to pull the trigger on the SC100, but started thinking about how I would use it given I am not an instructor. I would try to use the device to help me dial in my distances, which using the "target" mode or whatever would be great. However, I am concerned about those shots that I intentionally hit high or low to that target distance. Since neither device knows the launch angle or spin, I am guessing it wouldn't tell me much. I see that the ES14 does allow the user to change the loft of the club. Does anyone know if the SC100 allows you to change the loft of the club? Thanks, Clark
  10. Totally agree...Just did a post on my Optishot experience. I think any simulator is about understanding the limitations and living with them. Optishot is $400 or whatever you purchase it for on special. With that you need to accept that it isn't going to give you trackman data. Moving up to more expensive simulators will give you better numbers, but they still are limited in some form. With Optishot, I know it doesn't do a great job with drivers (especially dark drivers and seems to have issues with size). I don't use my driver on Optishot for that reason. I also don't like to putt on any simulator since you are putting on a flat surface and the simulated green isn't flat. Distance is impossible to judge since you have no depth perception. I think you can actually hurt your putting on a simulator more then helping it. By the way....One critical component for Optishot to work well is the lighting. Make sure you have that setup correctly or your results will not be consistent.
  11. The geek in me loves it...I have used a GPS for years. But I think the information is in the way too much of the time. I don't know if you have commands to hide and display information quickly. One the other issues I see is what to do about sunglasses. I have gotten to the point where I need to protect my eyes from the sun and not sure how Google Glass works with that.
  12. The Foresight is excellent...Wish I had the money and space for that setup:). I think the thing about my use of Optishot is that I don't use it for drivers. Totally agree that you don't get enough readings, but if you are working on a swing flaw like an "outside to in" swing path change, it can be useful. I wouldn't make it my only tool for practice and I really believe having a good pro is critical to improving, no matter how you plan to do it. I will say that hitting balls on a virtual driving range or even a simulated course, does make me want to practice in the winter.
  13. Really like the tan grip...I just installed the "masters" grip on my driver and love it. Put the black pistol grip on my putter, but now wish I had gone with the MLB tan.
  14. That doesn't agree with my experience... My readings on the Optishot and the Foresight simulator are just about the same. Foresight has a lot better readings and data, especially with the head measurement add-on. Was lucky enough to play three rounds this winter while on vacation and what I was doing on the course agreed with what I was seeing on the simulators. But again...I had taken the time to setup the unit. I also have a pretty consistent swing with my irons so some users may get different results. Clark
  15. I just joined this site and saw a couple of posts on Optishot. Two years ago, I started taking lessons after struggling with my game. My instructor was the golf pro at the city course and was starting his own business. His first setup included an Optishot simulator. He didn't use it for instruction but had it available for people to use for practice (in Minnesota, any golf in the winter is good golf). At the end of the first year, he decided he was be upgrading his setup to provide better instruction. He purchase the Foresight simulator. I purchased the Optishot and stance mats from him. I happen to have a heated garage and have space for the simulator and net. I don't have ceiling that really allow you to swing a driver or have a projector. The setup I have is the Optishot connected to a laptop that runs the software. The Optishot is on a stance mat and platform. I purchase an enhanced cover for the Optishot to allow for the ability to hit down through the ball. I have a net but since I have cars in the garage, I only hit foam balls. One of the key factors in the success of using the Optishot is the lighting. I installed a "shop light" right above the device. This ensures that the sensors have enough light for the club head. I use Mizuno irons and with this lighting, I have few issues with the unit recognizing my swing. For those that don't know, the Optishot has two rows of infrared sensors. They read the club head passing through the zone. This gives you club head speed and the angle of the club face (closed or open), and swing path. From this data, they calculate the flight of the ball based on the "club set" you have setup. The club set does allow you to tailor the specs for each club (degree, length, speed factor, distance factor). What I have done is adjust my "clubs" to give me the expected distance and club head speed. This was trial and error, but once it is set, it is fine. I needed to increase the distance by 10% and the speed by 5%. The Optishot is not measuring the ball (launch, spin, etc) so don't expect Trackman data. Many comments have been made about the value Optishot for practicing. My experience is that if you accept the limitations, it works fine for practicing. My golf pro now has a Foresight simulator with the head measurement device. The results (distance and ball movement) are within accept ranges to make it valuable in working on changes. You just need to put time into the setup and configuring the club set. Given the low ceilings, I don't hit driver. The Optishot is poor at recording driver swings especially if you have a dark-bottom driver. I normally play all the courses as "Par 3" and don't putt. Putting is of no value on any of the simulators I have ever used. The Optishot has a "Par 3" option on every course. Lots of good iron practice. I have purchased a few of the premium courses and they are remarkably accurate. I played the Ocean Course last year and purchased the Optishot version and it really is like playing the layout. It may not be the best simulator on the market...I have less then $1,000 invested. If it broke tomorrow, I would purchase another one. Sorry for the long post, but thought others might be interested especially in the "North". If you have questions, please ask and I will try to answer. Clark
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