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  1. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply. But if you tip trim accordingly so that the steps match the shafts in the set, won't the #3 iron match the set except for shaft weight. I'm an club maker in Australia and have done the above to my own #6 iron using a TT #3 shaft when I snapped the original shaft and notice no difference in feel or flex and hit distance taking into consideration the #5 and #7 shaft is about right. I've extracted the original #6 snapped shaft, aligned 1st lower step, marked original tip location, then tip trimmed the #3 shaft and made a couple 1/4" Dremel cuts on
  2. Hi, I know this isn't ideal, but I'll ask anyway. My supplier is running out of XP95 S300 taper shafts and only has #3 and PW shafts left. Is it acceptable to use a #3 TT and tip trim so that it can be installed in say a #7 iron so that the shaft steps are consistent, then butt trim to length? I understand the balance point and shaft weight will be different than a TT #7 iron shaft. I could then purchase his last 2 #3 XP95 S300 shafts and store in case I break a shaft in the set. Cheerz
  3. Ken - Adelaide, Australia (we have a lot of FIRM greens in Australia, good test of balls ) H/C: 4.8 Ball: Chrome Soft or Srixon AD-333 Rounds: 12-15 per month
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