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  1. Picked up a set of 223 (4-7) and 221 (8-pw) wow these feel great. The right shaft for me was the DG 120’s x100. So pure. My dispersion is low, scary low. The feel is unreal. when I picked them up, lofts and lies were WAY OFF. (3° flat when i ordered 1° upright. I had a sheet ready of all the lies, and what they should have been, to what I wanted. Before I even hit them, I had the shop adjust them. Absolutely love them
  2. Kyle Brighton Michigan I walk 80% of my rounds 75-100 rounds per year I do not use a push cart. I carry my bag, and would have been having trouble recently with my back.
  3. Kyle, Brighton Michigan IPhone XS Primary will use indoors Will be using a net with 15 feet of space.
  4. Kyle | Brighton Michigan Right handed 1st choice vktr hybrid 18* - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 2nd choice UIHI 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff .3 handicap Currently play a 19’ driving iron.
  5. Kyle/ Michigan 1.7 I do not play a hybrid, but I play a tour edge CBX iron wood 19’ degree The most important thing to me is low spin, and consistency I just recently put the EXS pro fairway wood 15’ with the CK orange 60 x flex. I've considered replacing the iron wood with this exact hybrid.
  6. Kyle Michigan U.S. 6 handicap Cobra Forged Tec kbs tour c taper flex x I would prefer the i500 Exciting, hope I get lucky and get picked. Would love to write a detailed review. I played the i20 irons for years, and regret leaving Ping irons.
  7. Richard W. - Michigan u.s. - Current set ping g-10, regular, stock shaft - 7 iron -145 Would be an exciting opportunity, I've loved my G-10s for a lot of years, but they're starting to show their age
  8. Kyle Worthy Indiana Bettinardi BB1F I've been thinking about pulling the trigger and picking up this putter. Would love to get my hands on it to find out if it's the one!
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