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  1. Not really as it was the kind of iron I learned on. I've gotten to like the look of a thin to thin-ish top line. A short blade length combined with a thin top line? Then that would would be intimidating. I tend to be more precise (as precise a semi-learned hack can be) with them. My last set of irons I played with were Wilson Fi5s which was a combo perimeter weighted (3-7)/blade set (8-PW) and it still is one of my favorite sets. I've now gone over to a full forged cavity back set of Titleist 712CBs. The former has thin top lines while the latter, thin - ish. Hehe. Both I can hit solidly with some regularity and yes, the 712s are slightly easier. I've tried the Mizuno JPX irons and those had thick top lines and quickly lost interest because I couldn't get comfortable looking at a huge clubhead.
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