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  1. thought this might help... So I got emailed a promo code for 20% off of Elbow Revive. As I've said before on here, the stuff is a great anti-inflammatory and really the only thing that help get rid of my elbow tendonitis (medial and lateral). But I haven't had any issues with my elbows in months, so if anyone wants to use the discount feel free... prmo code: FRESH20. also free shipping I believe. Not sure if it can be used more than once but def worth a try if you have lingering elbow issues. Hope that helps!
  2. My own stubborn-ness (playing through despite acute elbow pain) left me with elbow tendonitis for like 2 1/2 months. Just thought I'd share how the three key things I did to get rid of it, since I know it's a problem. 1. Give it some rest and when you're ready, stretch everyday. The secret is to do forearm stretches, shoulder stretches, AND wrist stretches.. there's a few at www.mobilitywod.com 2. If you want to speed healing and eliminate inflammation, supplement with joint health nutrients and cissus. I used Elbow Revive simply because it's not expensive, it is effective, and has
  3. i got a TRX body weight suspension trainer. it's basically two adjustable suspension straps that you anchor to the a door, a tree, whatever. pretty cool b/c its transportable and you can use it pretty much anywhere. expensive to buy the real thing, but look on youtube and you can find videos that show you how to DIY with stuff from home depot for like $20. either way, the variety of workouts you can do is amazing. my favorite workout toy for sure.
  4. just came back from vacation in Ecuador and brought a couple back. Love em!
  5. if anyone's still interested in the originial post... as mentioned by others above, I think that bodyweight exercise can be great and no gym is needed. I also like to use the resistance bands you can get at the store for like 20 bucks. if you want to spend some dough, a TRX suspension training system is handy because you can do all sorts of exercises and its transportable, but it's not cheap. I think specifically to golf, its important to do a lot of mobility work and core work. if focusing on strength, say for your drive, a great exercise is overhead pullovers, which strengthen your back,
  6. I had a Nakashima driver for a while that someone had given to me. No idea on how much they run money-wise, but the quality was definitely good.
  7. had my first (and hopefully last) run in with an alligator on a golf course! down in Beaufort, SC. the green monster was guarding the green!
  8. Calloway for sure. haha.
  9. had a pair for a month now. loving them.
  10. Can't figure out how to post a video on here. bah! i'm technologically challenged! lol.
  11. Interesting. I played in Thailand and they have some wonderful courses. I know that Myanmar is beautiful as well, but because of their lack of infrastructure (in the country in general) I'm curious to how their courses are. Pictures look great from what I've seen and I guess when it comes to entertainment and especially with tourist, there's plenty of money to be spent on construction and upkeep. I'm planning a trip back to SE Asia sometime next year. Maybe I'll check our Myanmar if I have time.
  12. She may not be the greatest golfer but she's certainly a 10 in my book!
  13. haha. I think I'd rather liver in a Tayolormade world than one ran by Facebook!
  14. New here on the forum. Looks like a great place to gather information and converse with like-minded people. Pleasure to be here!
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