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  1. Thanks for this opportunity. Sherwin S. , 43 Detroit, MI Proximity to the hole on approach shots, which leads to longer putts for birdies or par. Impact (fat shots) See you in December.
  2. Adams: I don't understand the "hype" of Adams on this board. Equipment is priced well, but I never hit them well. Too much offest in their irons, especially their player's irons. I like to see how they are handled under TMAG umbrella. Hopefully, like adidas treated Reebok and focused on a particular group or segment (Reebok = fitness, hockey and team uniforms) Callaway: Living in the own world. Need to connect past success to new products. Stop running away from the Big Bertha name. People recognized and respect it. It would draw people to their products again along with good marketi
  3. I think the Tommy Armour Ti-100 irons were terrible. Super-size heads! Anybody have a picture of these.
  4. I am fascinated whenever new clubs is presented that everyone has comments on how the club's cavity or sole looks like. I was wondering if anyone would share their thoughts for discussion. My opinion is that is irrelevant. I only care of how the club looks at address. Yes, blades are sexy and so are come cavity back models. But, it there is a big or small cavity, plastic inserts or medallions that increase performance, isn't it irrelevant? I only care about sole thickness is a different story, but if I can't see it protruding from the back of the club at address I am cool with it.
  5. Do we know anything about the Ray Cook auction? Any update?
  6. This sale makes total sense. Asia is where the money is now. The Fila brand can now expand into the US golf market and Titleist/Footjoy into Asia. Win-win for both parties, in my opinion. Job loss will be at a miminal, if any. Unlike, if they had been sold to a Nike, TaylorMade-Adidias or Callaway. I'm sticking with PING myself.
  7. Love me some , but the fairway metals since have some life!
  8. I am a PING fan. My bag is totally PING except for my fairway woods which are Titleist 980Fs. They will probably be replace later this summer with Ping i15s. I like the fact that PING is committed to custom-fitting, their products and customers. PING all the way! Play your best!
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