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  1. 1. Tom Pearce, California 2. 3.5 3. Believe it will train me to keep my hands ahead of the ball at impact. One of my problems is extremely high ball flight. I'd like to bring it down for improved distance and control.
  2. Tom Pearce - California 3.3 100+ Usually buy online
  3. Your name, average putts per round and home state - Tom Pearce - 29 - Califoria Your putting stroke type: either straight, arc or slight arc - straight (I think) Your pick for the greatest clutch "Major" putter of all time - Hmmm....Loren Roberts or Dave Stockton. Going with the "Boss of the moss", Loren Roberts
  4. Extremely interesting course to host the Open. Kind of links style but with massive elevation changes. Perhaps it will give our lads a leg up when playing the other Open.
  5. FW•15 IRONSLoft Lie Length Price 22 59 39 $149 26 59.5 38.25 $149 30 60 37.5 $149 34 61 36.75 $149 38 62 36.25 $149 42 63 35.75 $149 46 63.5 35.5 $149 FW•15 Irons Subtotal: $1043 TK•15 WEDGESLoft Lie Length Price 50 64 35.5 $149 54 64 35.25 $149 58 63 35.25 $149 63 63 35 $149 TK•15 Wedges Subtotal: $596 Current handicap: 6.7 To me, Mr. Hogan is one of the greatest golfers to ever live. His ability was probably only matched by Byron Nelson (in his era), but his courage and perseverance to come back from a career ending accident is an amazing accomplishment. He
  6. Your handicap - 7.2 What grip you are currently playing - Taylormade, Ping, Titlelist & Rexton How often you regrip your clubs 2-3 times/yr. Why you would be an awesome grip tester - Well, obviously I need some consistency in my grip choices. ;-) Currently using the grips that came with the clubs (were too new to change) except for the Rexton (wanted a midsize on the club). I do my own regripping & have a ton of Black Widow grips I was going to install when ready. I play 100+ rounds/yr and can give these grips a real test. I have a spellchecker that keeps me somewhat in
  7. Well, let's see. I have a VoiceCaddy SC100 if that will do for the launch monitor. My swing speed is between 105 - 110 mph (depends on how many Wheaties I had for breakfast). I do my own club work, so installation is no problem, and I play/practice approximately 4Xweek out here in semi-sunny CA. I'm always looking for a good shaft to fit my swing.
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