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  1. Hey Richard, Thanks for your reply. I have gotten the putter back and it was rated authentic. They tell me that they did make this putter in this finish, pro platinum. As you noticed, what's different about this stick is the fact that it appears to be a 2nd generation with 1st generations markings. I have been searching for a couple months and have not found another one like it anywhere. I will try to contact RookieBlue for more help. If you find any more info please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Again, the difference is that this is a generation 1 putter and mine is a version 2. Mine has the elastomer showing around the insert. It is no the same putter that the photo you posted. I am still looking to find the exact putter. Thanks again for the effort.
  3. Man this is great stuff! OK I'm still trying to stump you, respectfully of course. Have you ever seen markings on the face like this? Obviously generation 2 because of the elastomer around the insert, but it also has the 2 lines around the tei3 and the crown on the toe. I am still trying to find one like this. Help me out with that. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out on this. B2
  4. I think you are correct about the refinish issue. However, Scotty says that they did make some of these in Pro Platinum but they were made for the tour. Most of the pro platinum versions were sent to the European tour because the black oxide finish did not hold up well in the wet conditions. I told Scotty that it had no tour markings and they said that there would not have been at that time. It has been a blast researching this thing. I'm still looking for a match. I'll keep the search alive. Thanks again. B2
  5. The putter is at Scotty Cameron as we speak. They just called me with the info a couple weeks ago. Thanks for your interest! I have been looking for feedback and it's pretty hard to come by.
  6. It is close. But 2 differences: First, mine is a pro platinum and second the one you found is a first generation. Note that you can't see the elastomer around the insert. Thanks for the reply!
  7. The putter was sent back to Scotty Cameron and got an "A" rating, Authentic, which as I understand it means that it has never been refinished. They said that some of these in fact were made.
  8. I looked on ebay UK and found several but not like mine. If you could give me more info on how to find it I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. According to Scotty Cameron this putter has never been refinished?
  10. Let me try again! This is a Newport 2, Long Neck, TEI3, Pro Platinum. I think it is a generation 2 because of the elastomer showing around the insert. The thing is that it also has the 2 lines around the TEI3 on the face. The word is that when Scotty saw these putters coming off the line he thought the face looked to busy so he changed the design. The custom shop said that this was correct. The putter has been authenticated and given the "A" rating. I have been looking for one like this for a couple months and have never seen one. Can anybody help me out with info or photos of another one like it? Thanks! B2
  11. Sorry, I didn't upload the right photo. I'll try again!
  12. Hey Folks, If you are on your way to Florida or just looking for a great vacation spot it would be worth your while to check out Jekyll Island. There are 3 18 hole courses that play out of one clubhouse and a great little 9 hole course adjacent to the ocean. Conditions are usually good and the price is fair at $45 on weekends, packages could be less. If your better half isn't in to golf there are many options including historical tours, tennis, the beach, fishing and a spa. I've been going for years and absolutely love it! B2
  13. Can anyone give me info on this putter. I have not seen one like it. The markings on the face don't match generation 1 or 2. Thanks!
  14. Greetings! I have been looking for information on this putter. It is a Newport 2 Long Neck, TEI3 Pro Platinum. It appears to be a generation 2 as the elastomer is visible around the insert. What's odd are the 2 lines around the TEI3 which were not on the generation 2. I have been looking for a putter like this for months and have not seen one like it. Look closely at the pictures and if you know about it or have a match please let me know. I have found an old blog that indicates it was manufactured during the transition from the generation 1 to generation 2. Scotty thought that the face looked busy and changed it up. I'm thinking that there are very few of these in existence but am trying to get as much info as possible. It has been sent to Scotty Cameron and they gave the putter an "A" rating which is authentic. Please help! Thanks!
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