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  1. Kemper, Glen Burnie, MD 21060, USA, Launcher HB driver, Launcher #3 & #5, Launcher Hybrid, #4 & #5, Launcher CBX irons, CBX wedges, A, 56, & 60, TFI 2135 SATIN - ELEVADO CB, O/S GRIP putter. RH
  2. At 63 my game has not improved much due to inconsistent iron play, fat or thin because I can't get my hands in front of the ball and hit down. Many if not most recreational players don't hit down and take the divot after the ball strike, me included. I would be a perfect choice to test this club because my main fault is the reason this club was designed to fix, get the hands out in front so the ball is struck with a downward blow and the divot is after the ball strike. If it works for me, there will be millions of these clubs sold! Please consider me a perfect golfer to try this training club on. Hdcp. 16
  3. Tim, Did you shorten your current driver, or get all new components? Did you get an Accurizer installed? What other changes did Leith have you make?
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