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  1. Ball Position, produces spin factors. I have tested it many times on different golfers . Positioning the ball at the best position for you off your left heel can reduce spin and give you as much as 20 yrds on your drives. Another tip, Any club that can lets you Hit the sweet spot more often and maximize your swing speed will give more distance with the right ball. It absolutely doesn't matter what name is on it. www.launch300.com
  2. All the heads have come a long way. Very forgiving. Ones is as good as another. The shaft fitting for woods sucks. Big companies don't care. They are interested in Moving product. I played with and watched a good golfer hit the ball yesterday. He had a 120 mph swing speed and was only 20 yards past me at 73 yrs old on the drives. Why, his ball was teed to high and he had the wrong shaft. It was ballooning like crazy and going no where with that swing speed. I fit tour players that know absolutely nothing about equipment or fitting either. Swing speed times 1.5 should be
  3. The shaft feel is important. The right angle of attack and loft is important. But if you have a shaft that is moving all over the place, your up the well known creek. What I have proven with this method is the right shaft can bring the golfer to hitting the center of the club face more consistently. And, it will actually increase the golfers swing speed. Those are the most important factor of a driver. The old fitting instructions. No Tip. Is rediculous. I am seeing better performance with tips as much as 4 " off the tip. I am talking better spin, launch angles, variance, an
  4. Problem, this is a one of a kind fitting system. I was hoping to have a test done against shafts that are considered to be the best and most expensive. Basically taking the BS out of claims from shaft manufactures and get some true facts to golfers. But manufactures avoid backing up their claims. Why? All it would take is them submitting 4 shaft flexes of their best shaft with TM adapters to be used in these heads. People down range marking and recording landing and final position. ???
  5. Speaking of numbers but how much roll? Where did it land and were did it stop. Are there shafts that create top spin. Does teeing it up more forward and hitting ball on the up stroke create top spin. I once hit a 7 degree many years ago that I could tee forward and get top spin. You would see it diving for the fairway . I now see the ball climbing instead of launched and think to myself, I once thought that climbing was a well struck ball. Things change. Not anymore. Certain amounts of backspin combined with certain amount ball speed equals longest landing spots. In theory or
  6. I started playing when drivers were 43 1/2" steel was the shaft and the heads were about the size of 3 woods with 7 & 8 degree lofts. No telling how far it was going but most the time I was hitting 60 yards 2 nd shots. That was the hardest shot in golf.
  7. This is exactly correct but the materials used and construction of the shaft, allows the golfer to not feel the stiffness. We have learned the shaft chosen by hitting it is very precise for your swing. We have done this for years with iron shafts but driver shafts have not to this extreme till now. Mainly because they got to stiff to fast and the feel is terrible with other driver shafts. It is a break through that will improve golfers driver performance and golf needs that to keep golfers in the game. Another point, when I go in to Golfsmith, I see at least 20 used sliders for sale. Tha
  8. My weights are $35 with the blue cover. $80 is high but thanks for the info. Good luck . But are you sure your maximized? The only way to know is to compare. This golfer as an example found his match. Then went up 1 more, just a 1/2", the spin was really bad. We have had this shaft since 2006 and have always had great results. When the new head tech arrived , we learned a lot about what works best. Fitters have tipped shafts in the past but not to this extreme. We never know what shaft will maximize the golfers driver swing. Some times it doesn't make sense but it works.
  9. I have demoed golfers with every shaft on the market. You don't get the point. No One, knows what to order till they find it by hitting it. No One. It is the shaft that you feel like you can't miss and it may take a 4" tip to find it. No One has ever tip a Driver shaft that much because it feels like a board. With the "Steel Fiber" modification you don't feel it but you get the benefits of the stiffness. I find, stiffer shafts produce more center face impacts, more swing speed, better dispersion. The point is also, just a little bit of adjustment in the parallel will mean golf haven
  10. Explanation. When We hand a golfer one of our shafts, he or she had no idea they just hit a double X shaft. They get the results with out the harsh feel of stiffness. We see the results on the monitor and actual ball flight. When Handing that golfer a shaft that is just an 1/2" more or 1/2" less parallel than the one he feels is the one he can't miss, brings him out of center impacts and different results . It's that sensitive. We slice that one shaft into 8 pieces on big red and 6 pieces on big blue. 14 different flex performances. We take as much as 4" off the parallel section. We
  11. There is reason why this has not been done before. When you cut off the end of the driver shaft, it starts to feel to stiff. The modifications we made to the Steel Fiber technology eliminated that problem. We have found and have proven the slightest reduction or addition in the length of the parallel section of our shafts, make a huge difference how your driver performs. Doing what we have done confirmed what our thinking was when offering our shafts without our heads.
  12. I'm sorry. The Fitting and Roll Out post are mine also. What I am trying to express is, Golfers have been injected with bad information in order to sell product. We have proven this with our New way I fit driver shafts. Manufacture instruct to insert the driver shaft in the head as is with nothing cut off. That's wrong, as little as an 1/2" cut off more or less can make a huge difference in finding the center of the club face , increasing your swing speed and the dispersion of the shot. Really, the only way to find the best performance is to hit the 14 flexes in our test set. Not th
  13. When you watch it on TV, you can see most pros land and stop within 5 to 10 yards. That is safest, wet fairways no prob., same distance. But will top spin or no spin run more. Yes, but it needs to be tested and I can do it with my fitting system. But, do the $ 2000 Shafts and the thought to be best shafts want to test also. All they would need to do is send a shaft with a slider adapter on it 45.5". Send A R S Xs. To fit the testers. Then, MySpy could monitor the results. I'm willing because my driver shaft is manufactured to my specs by the number one graphite iron shaf
  14. No, this drivers are 45.5". Lighter head still has a good head feel but let's you gain swing speed without arriving late at impact with an open face. Tour players are the only ones who can get the lighter heads. I have a source to obtain the the lighter weights for the slider heads and lighter weights for the R1. The R1 normally has a 10 gram heel weight which prompts hooking for better players. The head is 10 grams less which is 5 swing weights lighter. With the 62 gram shaft, the club comes out to D2 to D3 swing weight which is ideal for slower swing speeds. I find lighter shafts
  15. Used the fitting set for launch300 driver shafts. Made up of three TM slider heads 9.5. 10.5 and 12. Same Shaft 8 different performance profiles Big Red Shaft 62grams med torgue. Same Shaft 6 performance profiles Big Blue Shafts 67grams low torgue After trying 7 different Big Red and Big Blue shaft with the same 9.5 slider head, the proper fit was found. 22 balls were hit resulting in the face tape pattern posted. Other shafts were then tried afterwards but out of the 14 choice none produced the face tape pattern like the one posted. In fact, most were all over the face. I
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