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  1. Guide to Speeding up Pace of Play You want faster play? Make these suggestions to management. It starts when the golfer first arrives at the course. The Pro Shop staff should tell golfers “we strive for and expect players to maintain a 4 hour pace” (or whatever you determine is acceptable for that golf course). They should then hand them a suggestion card and if time, go over the card verbally. #1 Watch when your playing partner is teeing off. If a ball is potentially lost, hit a provisional. #2 Drop off the player with the potentially lost ball. Point them in a general are
  2. TonyG Austin Texas Walk/Play every Wednesday and Saturday Does my golfing partners Apple Watch count? If not, no current device.
  3. TonyG Austin, TX Play year round Had outdoor green once Medium
  4. 5 Handicap, Austin, TX Taylormade P790 (newer version) graphite stiff shafts, 145 yards Everything I know about Sub70, I learned from MyGolfSpy. Direct to consumer, quality products, good test results. I have debated trying. I like the look, offset and loft specs.
  5. Tony Grieco / Austin, TX Either driver but prefer 440 100 mph
  6. Does anyone know a good app that will track the score input of multiple groups and also give you Net? We usually have 12 to 16 players and I have to sit there after the round and figure out bets while everyone else drinks and socializes. I have seen free apps (18 Birdies) that does a foursome and subscription apps that do multiple groups, but these cheap bastards won't all pay to put it on their phones.
  7. For those guys bothered by the heat but want to walk, consider adding 3 things. I play in Texas at a 100+ however, I have a reflective Sun Umbrella that keep it about 10 degrees cooler. I also have a small cooler with water and ice (the course doesn't mind if it is just water). Then I throw a small hydrating towel in the bottom of a cooler. I wipe my face and neck down with that ice cold towel and I am feeling great again. I have also pre-ordered the Alphard V2 to power my cart.
  8. Tony Austin, TX 4 hcp - 95mph swing speed Ping G400 LST Epic Flash Sub Zero
  9. TonyG, Texas Zero Restriction Golf Tournament. Sponsor didn't want to reschedule, golfers never quit! It wasn't quite Caddy Shack storm but close. Torrential rain, mid 40's and 20 mph wind gusting to 40. Course didn't reopen for 5 days after due to flooding. Get it, it rained a lot.
  10. Tony Texas/Austin/USA 3 Current Clubs - i500 Recoil F4 Blue dot Would like to test - i210 Graphite Blue dot *Power Spec Wondering if I made a mistake and would love the opportunity to play both head to head and report back. Will donate losing set of clubs to the local First Tee.
  11. TonyG Texas Current Wedges Vokey Black SM6 50 M08, 54 M10, 58 F08 Would like to test 46, 52, 58
  12. One problem not addressed is home course advantage. I play with a group at the same course every week. When I play the occasional course that I am not familiar with, I generally shoot about 3 strokes higher. They always ask to categorize your scores, why not have a home, away and tournament handicaps. Keep in mind the opposite is true. A golfer with the same index unfamiliar with my course, has no shot at beating me.
  13. I worked a long time in the golf industry. One thing I see severely lacking these days is good Marshalling. Here are some of my suggestions, feel free to add your own. Guide to Good Marshalling First and foremost, it starts at the Pro Shop. They need to tell groups what is expected of them: Less than 15 minutes per hole and keep up with the group in front of you. Marshals should always carry; 4 little flags, extra balls and a tee sheet. When they see an open hole on the golf course, you don't just pull up and say “you're a hole behind, get moving” then pull away. They should say
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