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  1. Thanks everyone. I will check out the commercial carpet route. I should have mentioned I don't have room for a separate putting area, artificial turf is out. I also need a surface I can lay down and stretch on. Toyota carpet? Interesting
  2. This may sound odd but I am building a Home Gym and trying to find a surface that works for that plus, I can practice putting on. My plan is to simply go to the flooring supplier and try to find a solution, but thought perhaps someone else has gone through trial and error.
  3. TonyG Austin, TX 95mph Ping G410 LST Tensei Orange R N.S. Pro Modus last clubs before switching to graphite
  4. We have an annual event with 50 people. Anyone have a company they would recommend to make giveaways (Towel, bag tag, ball marker etc)?
  5. Tony Austin, Texas Yes, 36 holes per week Yes, Clicgear 3.5
  6. Guide to Speeding up Pace of Play You want faster play? Make these suggestions to management. It starts when the golfer first arrives at the course. The Pro Shop staff should tell golfers “we strive for and expect players to maintain a 4 hour pace” (or whatever you determine is acceptable for that golf course). They should then hand them a suggestion card and if time, go over the card verbally. #1 Watch when your playing partner is teeing off. If a ball is potentially lost, hit a provisional. #2 Drop off the player with the potentially lost ball. Point them in a general area and then go hit your shot. Most often, they will find the ball on their own while the rest of the group hits. If not, the ball is probably in a lie that would have been impossible to advance anyway. #3 Remind golfers that the USGA allows only 3 minutes to find a ball. By the time the others in the group have hit, 3 minutes will probably have expired. (Sound cruel? Again, if the ball isn’t easy to find, it is probably impossible to hit.) Now, train your “Player Assistants” how to assist players. When they identify a group that is falling behind, simply telling them “you are 5 minutes behind”, is NOT assisting them. They need to become a forecaddie to the group. They tell the group “hey guys, you are falling a little behind, I am going to help you get back on track”. The Assistant then drives down the fairway and watches their tee shots. If someone hits the ball offline, go find it and place a small flag by the ball. If your carts do not supply yardages, let them know what their distance is when they arrive. Fill their divots, rake their bunkers, fix ball marks. Usually, within one hole, they are back on pace. Some groups may get annoyed at this process and speed up just to get rid of you. Others will respond favorably and speed up because of your help. Either way, the result is faster play. If the group does get annoyed, remind the Player Assistant – better to annoy one group then the 20 behind them. If you don’t have fancy tracking on your carts, enlist the beverage cart person to help. If they see an open hole, call the Player Assistant on the radio and let them know. From a maintenance standpoint, make sure the rough is maintained at a reasonable height for your clientele and leaves are picked up. None of this will help you if golfers can’t find their ball a foot off the fairway. I never had a problem with slow play using this plan. Pretty soon your course will gain a reputation that you do not accept slow play. Responsible golfers will appreciate it, slow players will go elsewhere.
  7. TonyG Austin Texas Walk/Play every Wednesday and Saturday Does my golfing partners Apple Watch count? If not, no current device.
  8. TonyG Austin, TX Play year round Had outdoor green once Medium
  9. 5 Handicap, Austin, TX Taylormade P790 (newer version) graphite stiff shafts, 145 yards Everything I know about Sub70, I learned from MyGolfSpy. Direct to consumer, quality products, good test results. I have debated trying. I like the look, offset and loft specs.
  10. Tony Grieco / Austin, TX Either driver but prefer 440 100 mph
  11. Does anyone know a good app that will track the score input of multiple groups and also give you Net? We usually have 12 to 16 players and I have to sit there after the round and figure out bets while everyone else drinks and socializes. I have seen free apps (18 Birdies) that does a foursome and subscription apps that do multiple groups, but these cheap bastards won't all pay to put it on their phones.
  12. For those guys bothered by the heat but want to walk, consider adding 3 things. I play in Texas at a 100+ however, I have a reflective Sun Umbrella that keep it about 10 degrees cooler. I also have a small cooler with water and ice (the course doesn't mind if it is just water). Then I throw a small hydrating towel in the bottom of a cooler. I wipe my face and neck down with that ice cold towel and I am feeling great again. I have also pre-ordered the Alphard V2 to power my cart.
  13. Tony Austin, TX 4 hcp - 95mph swing speed Ping G400 LST Epic Flash Sub Zero
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