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  2. Tony Austin, TX 4 hcp - 95mph swing speed Ping G400 LST Epic Flash Sub Zero
  3. TonyG, Texas Zero Restriction Golf Tournament. Sponsor didn't want to reschedule, golfers never quit! It wasn't quite Caddy Shack storm but close. Torrential rain, mid 40's and 20 mph wind gusting to 40. Course didn't reopen for 5 days after due to flooding. Get it, it rained a lot.
  4. Tony Texas/Austin/USA 3 Current Clubs - i500 Recoil F4 Blue dot Would like to test - i210 Graphite Blue dot *Power Spec Wondering if I made a mistake and would love the opportunity to play both head to head and report back. Will donate losing set of clubs to the local First Tee.
  5. TonyG Texas Current Wedges Vokey Black SM6 50 M08, 54 M10, 58 F08 Would like to test 46, 52, 58
  6. One problem not addressed is home course advantage. I play with a group at the same course every week. When I play the occasional course that I am not familiar with, I generally shoot about 3 strokes higher. They always ask to categorize your scores, why not have a home, away and tournament handicaps. Keep in mind the opposite is true. A golfer with the same index unfamiliar with my course, has no shot at beating me.
  7. I worked a long time in the golf industry. One thing I see severely lacking these days is good Marshalling. Here are some of my suggestions, feel free to add your own. Guide to Good Marshalling First and foremost, it starts at the Pro Shop. They need to tell groups what is expected of them: Less than 15 minutes per hole and keep up with the group in front of you. Marshals should always carry; 4 little flags, extra balls and a tee sheet. When they see an open hole on the golf course, you don't just pull up and say “you're a hole behind, get moving” then pull away. They should say “I noticed a gap in front of you, I'll do my best to help you catch up but if you can't, you'll need to skip a hole”. Then stay with the group and help find errant balls (or give them one out of your basket), rake bunkers and possibly give yardages until they catch up. If they don't catch up, never let the group behind play through, that only slows down everything behind. Simply ask them to skip a hole. Yes, they will probably be offended, but would you rather offend 4 slow players or the 50 behind them that are getting more annoyed by the minute. If they refuse to skip a hole, I like to offer them a certificate for a free round another day. We never honored these certificates on the weekend or holidays when we are busy. ​Side Note, I would tell my Marshals that if they got caught picking up more golf balls then trash, they would be fired. I thought it was working until I found out that they would simply stop at a trash can on the course and put a bunch in their cart.
  8. Lamkin makes a Knock Off of Iomic called iLine. Rumor has it that Iomic actually makes it for them.
  9. It is a precise balancing act that they don't discuss enough on TV. Often, the plan is to Triple mow greens, roll and add very little water during each tournament day. They then back away from that mowing some greens only 1 or 2 times, even 0 to try and get every green exactly the same. But like I said, the Stimp Meter is a very imperfect science, which is why Pelz made his device. Another side note. TV broadcasters often get the concept of rolling greens wrong. It is not to speed up the green but to smooth them out. The speed gained after rolling is lost before the round starts.
  10. Not Really. Usually a bunch of stuffy, boring men, rolling balls all over the place for 30 minutes a green while you stand there staring into space. Only to put the pins within inches of the same place they used the last time. I decided to document the process at one particular Major, only to have my disposable camera smashed in front of me (yes this was before smart phones). One side note, I got very good at manipulating the Stimp Meter to give them whatever reading they were looking for. Dave Pelz actually invented a system to prevent that and get accurate readings and demonstrated it for use. Unfortunately, hardly anyone used it. I think he stopped making them but not sure.
  11. I have set pins for several tours including Majors. Every tour will issue guidelines for pin placements and for many events, will supervise the placement of dots at the beginning of the week. While there are no specific rules, they would never allow a position where the ball rolls up to the hole and then rolls back. It happened once in modern history (US Open at Shinnecock) because the greens became incredibly dry and the governing bodies have never forgotten it. A good rule of thumb for your club should be; 6 easy, 6 medium, 6 hard - 6 front, 6 middle, 6 back - 9 right, 9 left. Easy is considered, away from hazards and 15-20 of relatively flat ground around the pin. Medium is usually flat, the length of the flagstick around the hole. Hard is near a hazard, edge of the green or only 3 feet of flat surface around the hole (about the length of the cup cutter). It is almost impossible to do this as you change the cups, it takes planning. If your superintendent doesn't have preplanned pin placements, I suggest that you and your buddies create one for him/her using the guidelines above. If they don't use it, then you have good reason to ****** and I would loudly.
  12. If you're retired, just watch the weather and take a last minute trip to Kentucky or Tennessee. Good golf and plenty of deals last minute. Or my favorite, fly to Vegas cheap and drive to Saint George Utah. Beautiful course and national parks. Very inexpensive. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I have seen this with guys that use traditional tape and store clubs in their trunk. When it is sunny and 90+, the glue gets soft. In fact, here in Texas, I have left clubs in hot car to make it easy to blow them off. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. Huge fan of PURE Grips and won't use anything else at this time. In my opinion, tape and solvents is a messy antiquated system. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. I do if my hands are empty. Often, I am the guy picking up people's clubs, the flag, etc to get out of the way of the group behind. Just try to get all that in one hand so I can shake. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  16. Yah, that superintendent gives others a bad name. We hand raked bunkers, pulled weeds, 3 times per week. Trimming another day, for a total of 1 hour per bunker, per week. 52 times $15 (10 per hour plus taxes etc) equals $780. Add about $100 for topping off sand and you get less than $1,000 per bunker, per year. I bet he didn't give the GM $15,000 off his budget! Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  17. We have similar conditions. Our men's group plays, rake and place in bunker. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  18. Brittany and Danielle Kang. Always seem to be enjoying life. Bubba needs to do a lot for his community to make up for being such an ass the rest of the time. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  19. Backyard greens are like boats, your second best day is when you finished, your best day is when you re-sod and let it grow. Go artificial. If you can't afford that, then make a sand green that you can lay artificial on later. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  20. I'm with Shankster, never worn a glove. I used to have on my golf bag a resin bag, works great. Then I found Pure grips. I simply wipe down my hands before a shot and no problem. Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  21. You beat me to it. I was going to suggest what I did, which is go on Ebay and buy a stock shaft (thousand for less than $50). Cut the cheap shaft down and see if you find the club face more consistently.
  22. Agree with Rusty1885. I went for a fitting at a 3 letter Superstore I won't mention but the fitter had the same three letters after his name. First thing I notice is that they had different hard cover balls in the bay. I asked if I could go to my bag and get some of the balls I play with. The fitter said it doesn't matter they can adjust the numbers. Are you kidding, I should have left then? Next I hit a number of shots with my club and got numbers. The fitter says relax for a minute, I need to make some adjustments. I notice on the screen, he changed the wind speed to 10mph helping. I said that's it and started leaving. I noticed Bridgestone was giving Free ball fittings a couple bays down. I took my driver down and hit a few, then asked the Bridgestone guy if he could get the Ping I wanted to try. There was basically no difference between the two clubs. I ended up buying some Bridgestone Balls out of guilt but bottom line is, I do not trust fitters that sell equipment as well. Now, I just play around myself and find it more fun. I go to this website and compare test results. If I want a lower ball flight, less spin etc, I buy the club or shaft with the best test numbers and play around with it. I think it is more about feel and confidence than raw numbers.
  23. Artificial or Natural? Unless you are rich, do not, I repeat DO NOT build a natural putting green. In order to do it right, by that I mean conditioned like a nice golf course, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and cost thousands more to maintain (not counting the couple thousand for a used mower and hundreds to maintain that). If you have that kind of money, the USGA has plenty of articles on how to do it and will even send out a field agent for a couple grand to walk you through it. Before anyone calls BS, I have built over 100. If you want an artificial green, that should cost around $10 per square foot.
  24. -What was your first interaction with the game of golf? Combination of wanting to spend time with my dad and get out of bible study. -What was the moment that led to the "this is my kind of game"? Mediocre at most sports growing up. Tried out for Golf Team the first year I was eligible and made Varsity. -What currently keeps you going back for more? Love the challenge, fresh air and exercise (always walk) -What would you change about the game? RULES! Time for BIFURCATION. It won't ruin the game, it already exists with course conditioning, marking and management. For you more tenured golfers: -What has been the biggest change in the game since you started? Course maintenance and equipment. -What change(s) do you like/dislike? That changes in equipment have changed the Men's Tour so dramatically. Players hit 3 wood and an iron to #18 at Erin Hills 600yards +, Seriously?
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