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  1. My Sub70 is currently in transit. I ordered the 004 Mallet.
  2. Look at Sub70. They are heavier and come with a weight kit to go even heavier if you would like.
  3. Jeff Lubbock Texas 1/2 and 1/2 walk and ride. Weekday evenings ride after working all day Weekend rounds walk and carry
  4. Jeff/Lubbock Tx iphone 11 Testing both indoor and outdoor will use both with and without net
  5. Jeff lubbock Texas usa taylormade spider tyne3. Love the look of this putter
  6. Jeff Lubbock Texas handicap is currently 4.4 Currently playing cobra forged tec 1st generation
  7. Jeff Lubbock Texas Cleveland cbx2 54&58 would choose 58 degree for testing.
  8. Jeff Woody Lubbock Texas hdcp 5.97 currently play cobra forged tec. 8 iron carry 160 I have heard about these irons on the podcast and I am intrigued.
  9. Jeff Woody. Lubbock texas only iPhone apps and rangefinder bushnell tour v3
  10. Did you ever determine if this club was authentic? I did the same thing bought on impulse then did research. I ordered from the same seller.Please let me know mine will not be here until Friday the 18th. I may just send it back.
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