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  1. Game golf. Tag it and forget it. I used to write down everything fairways hit, gir, putts, my game went nowhere. First time I broke 80 I didn’t even keep the score, at the end of the round I could recall every shot I hit each hole. Now I don’t even want to pay attention to the score, I acknowledge what I got each hole but do my best not to think about it and just play each shot and each hole. No pressure to make up any miss shots or have a must make shot. Counting shots leads to future thinking and the next thing you know you are screwed.
  2. It could be the grip. My brother used to have a very strong grip a he’s fighting every thing hook, block or nasty slice be cause he’s steering the shots. He used to be a big hitter and then drop to my distance. On one round he hurt his finger and adjust to much weaker grip and it just clicked. He could release fully and fire the hip through impact. That hole he out drove me by 50 yards where I’ve been enjoying slight edge to his distance and other holes that round he out drove my decent drive by 75 yards and never look back. Now I’m back to be the shortest hitter in our group again.
  3. It bakes the question, if you play from forward tees and shoot lower scores why not play from there all the time. Dropping 2 strokes a side you’d be a scratch. If that what it takes to be a scratch I’ll start playing from the red tees tomorrow. The ability to shoot lower score on each hole do transfer from shorter distance to longer distance. Not usually the other way around, I’ll explain below. Yes, in theory and in the long run, or one or two rounds moving closer would not automatically drops your shots and in turn your handicap. I’ll stick with s simple handicap math. You are a 4 handicap and should be shooting about 4 over par on your home course from the blue. Sure you’d have more chances at par or better but can you then pull it off each time, probably not. Moving forward to the white or gold, you would not start shooting par every time you play forward. Eventually you will for the reasons you listed above. That I agree. Mere mortals like most of us can’t simply breakthrough the scoring comfort zone overnight, one or two or even a short stretch of rounds, sure, but to drop strokes permanently takes longer than that much longer. We have to be mentally ready to start shooting lower scores not til you have the “I own it” attitude. It it’s that easy it wouldn’t be Golf. I also agree that moving up would make for a more enjoyable round and healthy boost of confidence and that’s the most important aspect of golf. Confidence is also highly contagious. One of the reason the play forward is the ability to use more clubs not just a driver and wood of every hole for many blue swingers.
  4. I envy you, pulling something out under pressure like that. I can shoot par or under all day at my club but put a quarter per hole and I’d be shooting 5 over easily. That’s why they call me dr Heimlich:). Though, I’ve been getting better under pressure but nowhere near my what I wish I could be. There’s something to say about people who can reach down and pull out something like that in golf, kudos rev!
  5. I’m a 3-2-1 blank and shoot golfer, or try my best to be. If it can do that 100% of the time I’d be so awesome. I practice as much or more than I play. One can only strive for such perfection:)
  6. I joined the club and for the first few months playing and practicing alone was pretty awesome but it gets old really quick. Golf sucks when you hit a great shot and no one witnessed it. I listen to my audible when I play so I don’t think about how to play and just play. Best score even par. 8 under thru 14 and 8 over the last 4 holes. Ain’t life grand.
  7. I’m in my “upper” mid 40’s :), I’m playing white 100% of the time on the public courses oh I’m also a 2 handicap. I do play from all tees at my club. I’m not a short hitter my avg drive is a little north of 250, 235 carry. It’s more challenging playing from the white with my distance off the tees than from the blue. Usually my landing area is just pass the fattest part of the fairway. Sure it’s closer to the green but by no mean easier. I’m more accurate with my Woods and hybrids than my mid irons. My score at the club are almost identical from the red, white or blue, so it’s not really the difference in distance. If it is we would all shoot par or under at the local par 3 course or pitch&putts, we don’t, instead we shoot the same darn score. I do that for a couple of reason but mainly because I’m sick and tired of playing with some players that had no business playing anything but the most forward tees, yet insist on playing from the tip. Next is the fact that there nothing to aim for in the middle of a fairway. Obstacles are, like it or not, excellent visual targets. The tee you are playing is not an indication of your skills and how you would score. Try it on your home course, the one you know so well, you’ll be surprised even at a 1000 yard shorter, you won’t all of the sudden drop 10 shots. That’s not how golf work? That said hitting more fairways and greens by being closer to the greens can slowly conditioned your mind that you should be doing this all the time, next thing you know you may start to shoot low(er) score. Golf still is, for the most part and for most people, a mental game and not the physical game. Even if I can grant you 50 extra yards off the tee, you’d still be shooting about the same score tomorrow.
  8. Groves patterns doesn’t really effects the spins as much as lofts of the club in dry condition. It makes a big difference in wet conditions depending on how much and how efficient the grove designs are in removing the wetness out of the way to maximize the face contact. Like driving on slick tires or all terrain tires at legal freeway speed, they both perform well in dry condition but one will shine in wet condition. It’s just another stupid rule. I can put plenty of spin on my wedge and one of my ping eye2 I had refinished and put on extra large and deep square groves, aside for ugly scar it put on the balls, I can’t tell the difference and not zipping anything back off the green.
  9. This^^^ Distance will come when you start hitting near the center of the face or sweet spot. Once you start hitting them flush you’ll start to get more relax and start whipping them good and hard. The biggest difference you’d see and feel is the forgiveness. At impact larger volume head can deflect and turn to counteract the marginal shots and still keep them in play more times than not. Smaller heads even at the same mass can’t react the same way. I play with 14* driver and have no issues hitting the ball off the deck, I notice that on off center hits they are more forgiving than 3wd of the same loft.
  10. Bunker shots are exactly like riding bicycle, well doing bicycle tricks. Once you know how to do it you can always do it but, but pulling off great shots requires lots of practice to keep your skills sharp. The goal should be in 3 stages depending on your skills get it out, get it on and get it close. I dedicate one day a week for bunker practice and it’s always my favorite day of practice. lately my favorite club is the 64* pm Callaway, that thing is like a spatula and really versatile grind, I can really get aggressive with my explosion. I also practice with other clubs like my hybrid, chipper(yes, you have no idea that you can legally cheat the game with this:))and putter, as well as different ways to get it out. When ego does not matter and you are faced with long bunker shot like 40 yards for a 3 skins carry over, chipping out can be an excellent option, hybrid and chipper are the go to club practice and you’ll see how useful it is I just started teaching my niece the dreaded bunker shots and I may have stumbled onto a drill to help out beginners, usually they like to take a long back swing and slam it to the ball and stop, same happened to my niece, I told her to reverse it. Take a backswing about hip high then finish at the shoulder height. She’s cured on the first tried and since. No fancy openstance, just square it up and swing. If you are struggling with your bunker play give it a try, it might cure your problem.
  11. Simply because there are not enough good and or mature players out there. I’m not talking about how long someone has played the game maturity but golf mentality maturity. I’d say most male golfers wants to play from the tip of every holes regardless of their abilities that’s why there are campaign like “Tee it forward”. Ever notice some courses that put the red, white, and blue tees less than 5 yards from each other and people still tee off from the blue tees. As as far as the equipments goes, the similarities are pretty much only the brand and model numbers printed on the clubs, loft and length are definitely not the same.
  12. For a right handed person if you play too upright(toe up) then ball would go left, too flat (heel up) then ball would go right. This is at impact and not at address. Since you are a lefty then just flip side. 1* different should not be noticeable but anything more than 2* your performance will suffer.
  13. Well back in the days, bogey was the gold standard for golf the Scottish or Brit even wrote the song about it. It’s not til us Yankees start messing about. Ive never had an issue with reaching fairways because when I’m playing on a public courses, I tee from whites unless I’m playing with my 4some and even that half the time we play from white tee, and 3 of us are low single and a 12 hc. Yes, we’d all messing about on the challenging par 3s but only the first time around. I don’t know of any courses that put white tee 225+ yard on par 3s so I’m pretty safe there:)
  14. Jawbreaker size hail, wind blowing more than 30mph, sideway rain and above 125* heat. I actually love playing in bad weather conditions, if and when it rains I usually find a reason to be on the course playing and practicing. There are so many things that you are not suppose to do when playing in wet conditions and regardless of how much you read and memorize the do’s and don’ts when it show time everyone mess it up at least once or twice. Furthermore, regardless of how highly us golfers thinking of ourselves, we are not only slow learners but even slower to make and accept changes that’s why most golfers appear stubborn
  15. I waggle the club on most shots and on the first few fairway wood shots I’d take one swing to see the impact zone as it varies a bit from day to day. I sometime take a half speed practice swing on the tee shot and hold the finish and visualize the shot then trigger my short preshot routine. I actually don’t have a problem with people taking a few extra practice swing to either shake off the tightness or get the right feel. What I can’t stand is the people who goes thru the rep like it’s mandatory that they swing 8 times before each shot in a hurry, it serves no purpose aside from satisfying one’s OCD but it can actually hurt the real chance of executing a decent shot.
  16. It only works if the buyer just listen or read the ad or pitch, if you stop and just think about it for a second then you know it's total bs. Even the low end Oem shafts produce more consistency than most golfers' swing. High end shafts already came with installation marking. I doubt if I just spent $200+ on a premium shaft I'm required to pay additional $20 to align the spine. Even if I conceded that it works then what happened when you make adjustments to the angle settings you put the carefully splined club out of whack. If I can park 5 drives, heck 2 drives within 10 foot of each other consistently, then I may look into shafts alignment. I listened to the sales pitch all the time, sometimes even the sales person got embarrassed selling you holy water.
  17. Rusty1885


    I'm pretty relax when it comes to rules of the game. I often tell the beginners and high handicapper to take a practice swing in the bunkers and tee the ball up on the fairway. On a certain courses that I know and know them well, I'd announced right off the bat that I'd be moving the ball if/when it rest under some trees because of the roots, and they are welcome to do so as well, there's no need breaking your wrist for that. If we are betting of course. But when it comes to playing alone, I'm pretty strict and goes out of my way to count the painful penalty stroke(s), and have gone back to re-tee a few times. Lol, I remember playing with a friend of a friend for a few bucks and this guy whipped out a small jar of Vaseline to apply to “his dry lips” in the middle of summer. He's clearly better than the rest of us combine but, sometimes people just addicted to cheating. Reminds me of the character, “worm” in the rounders. What I can't stand are the people who shot a triple and then said they shot a bogey. When that happens I stopped betting not even for a nickel.
  18. Rusty1885


    Cheaters comes in all types, from poor gamesmanship to downright “lifesaver tee” bafoons. I take pride on spotting them early in the round and put my play into place. Gimmes usually swing both ways, I like to give out a few even some 5 footers, I'd look at him up and down and say you look good for it, pick it up. Then on some hole he'd asked if the put was good sometimes I'd say you didn't have it this time I want to see you putt it, most of the time people miss them. It's very difficult to make a smooth short putting stroke when you are red in the face. I've been around the game for a long time and have developed a thick face and usually no one is important enough to get me mad on the course. While I'd like to think that I'm the nicest guy you'd ever played with, once I'm crossed I'll make sure you rise to the occasion or rot in hell. Once I spotted a guy rolled the ball on top of a lifesaver, then I took out a roll of lifesaver from my bag. Later offer it to him, he took it and asked if I like the candy, I said no but they are a lifesaver.
  19. I've been caddied and have caddied for quite a few times at my club. Most times we'd ride in the cart and a few times we just uses push cart. It's a great experience for me for sure as it provide a new perspective and how to approach the shot, hole, and the round. Golf is an entirely different beast when you are not playing the shot yourselves. I learn that the most important mindset is “what” and “where” and definitely not “how”. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Rusty1885


    The good thing about these people is that they get so anxious when they can't improve their lies. I play with a few like that, usually we play for a few bucks. On the “push” holes I usually pretend not to see or care about it, then I turn on my Hawkeye and start looking closely and even call out if they move the ball. It usually piss them off. Almost 100% of the time they'd hit it fat. I love playing with these guys. There's always a bright side.
  21. I do this once a week at my club it's a toggle between dr-5hy-8i-aw or 5hy-8i-pw-putter. Playing the course I've never played before I'd look at the par 3s to evaluate the line up. I shot par quite a few times at my clubs with 7 clubs. I only carry 12 clubs in my full set. I love playing the battle golf and my creativity and commitment to the shots seem to get a boost when I'm down to a few clubs.
  22. Good for you Shankster. I felt the same the first time I hit the BB fusion driver, then the performance turned my prejudice eyes blind.
  23. Jell-O shot. That and a pitch out shot makes me feels like a grown up.
  24. Hope you feel better. My brother's girlfriend has it but from what I heard she's coping well with it. My mom just had the symptoms last weekend and she spent 4 days in the hospital to recover. We are dealing with it.
  25. Crouching Tiger, flying iron
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