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  1. Please state again, for everyone who may have missed it, that you do NOT repaint or refurbish the balls you find, you merely clean them, sort them and grade them.   Correct?


    This may just be my personal bias, but I will never play a repainted ball, regardless of price, but I have no problem gaming one that went in a lake and was fished out again.



    You are correct. We do not sell refinished or refurbished golf balls through LostGolfBalls.com. We only sell recycled golf balls.



  2. I noticed at the top of the MyGolfSpy page, it says that you can enter daily to increase your chances of winning.


    If you go to the entry page site, the "official rules" state this:

    "Limit of ONE (1) entry per person/email address throughout the Sweepstakes Period." 


    Thus, adding more entries daily might not help you, since it lists the sweepstakes period as from

    August 11 to August 28, and you get only one entry per that period.

    Perhaps MyGolfSpy is correct and you can enter daily, but I'd check those "official rules" for yourself, as you might be saving yourself some time if in fact one is allowed to enter only once.  


    P.S.  Either way, thank you MGS for notifying all of us to this nice sweepstakes contest.




    We do allow Daily entries, the sweepstakes official rules have been amended to show that change. You may enter Daily as well as gain extra entries for sharing this contest through twitter, facebook and pinterest!



  3. You gotta love all these "not open to non-US residents" comps, what it really says to me is " hey we love you but we don't want your business and we don't really love you anyway as your market is too small to bother with so just go away, eh?"

    Maybe I'm wrong.

    We get the same in Canada with "not open to Quebec residents" but that is probably due to the language police.

    Hi Stephen,


    We would love to have sweepstakes open to Canadian residents but unfortunately the rules and laws governing sweepstakes and giveaways in Canada are a little tricky (even quebec has its own governing rules it appears).


    I hope this helps.


  4. Hi MyGolfSpy Members,


    We are LostGolfBalls.com, and we are the largest distributor of recycled golf balls in the world!

    The most important thing to know about us is that we're golfers too. Each and every one of us. We love and respect this amazingly fulfilling (and fickle) game. Our huge golf ball warehouse is based in Sugar Land, Texas. But we work with 2,400+ courses from across the country to provide us with high-quality used golf balls that are recycled and sold at prices considerably less than the original retail price.

    For more than 20 years, we have served golfers by providing a solid product at an outstanding value. All golf balls are recycled from the very best courses nationwide, carefully inspected and sorted, and finally, washed with an environmentally friendly cleaner to provide a top quality product at half the price of new. We wash without stripping, painting or using any harsh chemicals, each ball is specially cleaned using a proprietary cleaning system and then sold for a generous discount directly to the consumer (YOU). We have used an industry-leading, independent research facility to test the balls to prove that the used balls are just as good as new! Rigorous quality control checkpoints guarantee that balls are precisely graded and sorted for sale. Although some mistakes do happen (we are human) we always rectify any issues with our outstanding customer service!

    We are here to answer any questions about what we do and why we think you should never buy new balls again!

    Also, we'll be posting about what's new in the golf ball world as well sharing our awesome promotions or giveaways!


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