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  2. It's been nearly 6 months since I posted my appreciation for the Vision UV balls. I have to say that I still have 3 of the 6 original balls which testifies to its ease of tracking/finding in the late afternoon or evening, when you consider that I put 2 in the pond, they are hard to lose. But the reason I'm here today is to express my appreciation for their Prosoft 808. For the life of me, I can't figure out the dimple pattern, but it works. Straighter shots off the tee than I normally get with others and a sweet soft feel around and on the green. I've loaned a few to my friends to see what they thought and they won't give them back. That's it, I'm keeping the rest to myself.
  3. I was able to get my hands on Vision's UV balls as well as their glove. I had been looking for a high visibility ball for play in the evening hours. They take most of the chore out of finding your ball in the ruff and on the fairway they stand out like a beacon. The fly straight and feel nice around the green. I'm happy I found them.
  4. The Tahoe area has some wonderful golf in the summer months. But in the Winter, it's time to pack the clubs and head south to the Desert...PGA West, La Quinta, for some warm weather and great golf. We just got back from a 2 week stay, followed Nick Watney and Charlie Hoffman and Park at the Humana Challenge. We'll be back to Tahoe in spring after another winter trip to La Quinta. GOLF!!!!
  5. Just a little bit about me...I am married and have two adult daughters, both college grads and out fulfilling their dreams. My wife and I reside in Northern California where enjoy Golf and Sailing during the spring, summer and fall. Much of the winter months are spent playing golf at and around PGA West, La Quinta Calif where we have a second home. I hit in the low 80's, PING's are my clubs of choice, I have several sets, the Eye 2's are my favorite. I have played Titleist ProV & NXT balls for years, but I have recently been introduced to an Australian ball made by Boz Golf, their VISION X3 and ProSoft golf balls are I am quickly replacing all others. They also make a fantastic VISION Glove that frankly I like better than any glove I've ever worn. Some of my most favorite things in my life are: Family and Friends, finding my ball in ball in the middle of the fairway, the sound of a cork being pulled from a nice bottle of wine, the second half of a fine cigar and the laughter of children at play. Oh yes, and my Wife's smile (I had to add that just in the event she comes across this post...get the points when you can gentleman.) The Very Best to Us All... LDKliewer
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