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  1. Still using Callaway Supersoft Max...good ball. Was hoping they would compare it with others for slow speed swingers. My driver speed is around 65-70 and my iron speed is around 55-60. Oh, well. Test did nothing for me. Shot my age for the first time with Supersoft Max...75. Even with a triple on 18...messed up a sand shot.
  2. David Raleigh, North Carolina I currently walk nine holes due to being 74... I have a Sun Mountain Micro Cart four wheeler and I play a rather hilly course.
  3. David (74), Durham, NC 17.2 Callaway X-Hot and X-20 irons
  4. David Fayad/Pinehurst, North Carolina Handicap: 15.8 Current irons in Play: Callaway X Hot The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 130 I am 73 and would love to test these Pings.
  5. I am ready to see if this club can match or beat my Epic... First name/home state or province David/North Carolina Current driver/shaft combo Callaway Epic/Mitsubishi Diamana 40 Swing speed/handicap 85/15 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft Mitsubishi Bassara 42g
  6. David from North Carolina Cobra Amp Cell with Project X PXV 52g 5.0 shaft 73mph 185 yards @dfayad/daveyhog@gmail.com/none iPhone
  7. 1.David North Carolina 2. 19.9 3. Cobra BioCell Project X Senior 4. 85 mph 185 carry 5. Phil
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