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  1. First Name/State of Residence?

    Kevin   / North Carolina 

    Current Drive specs  Model/loft/shaft/Flex?

    titkeist ts3   Ventus stiff shaft  1/2 over standard  midsize grip   9.5 loft set 1 degree open 

     Your handicap and  driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection?

    3.9 handicap   108-110 driver swing speed range      I only use data collection at range when practicing  

    Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience?

    I didn't play the driver but had the "cult like" following 3 wood in my bag for years    It was like having a second driver and fabulous from the fairway and second cut.  

  2. Kevin "scratch" kelly  

    Play Zero and Footjoy 

    Ironically I will be in the Galway area with my son who lives there ,for golf  and a dad visit, in October .  Worst ever round was the Royal Portrush In a USA club vs n Ireland club match.  It was 38-42 degrees , torrential rain ( like our hurricane rain in North Carolina ) combined with winds steady at 20-25   Gusting to 45 plus.  We decided to finish round because we we're headed back the next day. On one hole with a 125 yard shot we had to aim 50 yards right of green to end up in bunkers on left side! It would got another 100 yards down a hill if you missed the bunkers.  Not one shot remained on green .   16 single digit handicaps , thankfully playing match play,  so not many kept a score but I did.  As a plus 1 at the time I was 23 over par when I closed out my match 4/3!  Swore that night over a single malt that I'd never play cold, windy or rain at same time again!  Will play any of them alone or two combined but never the three!  All of a sudden marathons and cricket looked favorable!  Btw many of us bought an additional rain gear set at the turn at their awesome pro Shoppe.  None of the gear lasted more than 3-4 holes before saturation and uselessness! 

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