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  1. Tennessee Muira1957 Short putts 4-9 feet Don't one putt like I used to
  2. Watched entire series with my hall of fame clubfitter best friend. His insights were interesting . All input on 1-10 scale w 10 best. Concept of show 9 Content 7 Fluidity of broadcast 5 Did right driver win? I assume yes Would have liked way more technical information and maybe a Wrxgolf team test with 30-40 of us with final 3 products Bottom of driver seems cool attractive and like it has street cred But I'd never buy the driver with the top of the head unless you could fill it in and paint it same color of rest of head Hate they alignment thing Even it was my top performer in a test I would not play anything that looked like that sorry I hope they bring show back with some upgrades It is a great concept
  3. The average number of rounds you play annually-----60-75 rounds per year Your current handicap--------3.8 Your Current Putter.......Muira 1957 custom blade really would like to test this concept after years of essentially playing same putter geo low wizard, to muira blade! 3 putt once a month but not one putting like I used to !
  4. Kevin Kelly Franklin Tennessee 3.7 Driver TFI 2135 - 6.5 9.5 lift stiff diamana blue shaft 72 gr 4 wood ( 3wood stiff) z f-65 Srixon Winn grip 72gr Hybrid 21 zh65 Winn grip Diamana blue 82 gr Irons 5-9 srixon Z 565 IRONS Winn grips Shimada steel shafts RTX-3 48 52 56 and 60 Clevend wedges tour station Shimada wedge shafts TFI 2135 - 6.5 Putter Cleveland Srixon soft white balls Pretty cool opportunity for anyone making the trip A long time friend and cancer survivor is an equipment junkie and I'd love to taken him !!!!
  5. Kevin kelly Tennessee 3.7 Started playing hogans in 1969 still have the hogan persimmon woods and sure in wedge!
  6. Kevin Tennessee 3.7 I think it will help my 63 year old body to continue winning long drive contest and maintaining a solid swing and 3.7 handicap Makes sense!
  7. Kevin Tennessee 3.7 3 iron *my first real set of store bought clubs was a set of ben Hogan irons (used) I felt like I had won the lottery at age 15 !
  8. Kevin kelly Tennessee 3.7 Titleist d2 915 diamana tour blue 72 xstiff secret back weighted grip 111-113 swing speed
  9. Kevin Tennessee 111 mph Titleist 916 d2 9.5 Stiff shaft 2015 diamana blue Secret grips back weighted Set 1.5 open 1/4 inch long than standard
  10. Kevin , Tennessee, USA Titleist 915 D2,Fujikura Speeder 757,Majors limited edition (Masters) 22/100, stiff flex (with secret grip back weighted) , Stiff, 1/2 inch longer than standard Titleist length 108-111 swing speed range 265-269 carry ( actually working with club fitter -hall of fame- last week and hit 20 balls with driver to get these numbers) Never played Nike driver but looking to change brands this year
  11. Kevin Tennessee Muira 1957 limited edition blade MLA Pro Series- Mallet ( the angle of shaft into head fits my eye better than Tour series) Right if right to left, Left if left to right (high side putts) Always a solid putter. Went decades averaging less than 1 -3 putt every 5 rounds (still track my stats). One putted a lot. Age 63 I still don't 3 putt very often but I don't make the 1 putts like I used to. Would love to know what I miss so often on high side. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Kevin Tennessee 2.7 Titleist 816H Mitsubishi Rayon, Diamana Blueboard, S+, HY, 80 gram ,xstiff ,midsize grip
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