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  1. Steve M Kilauea HI & San Diego CA Odyssey Tank Cruiser 38" #1 What's up with Continental US only? More golf is played in HI than anywhere in the CONTUS except maybe FL.
  2. Steve from Kauai and San Diego Continental US only for eligibility is because of ? 3.5 GHIN 100+ rounds balls bought on sale through Titleist evrery year (4 dzn for price of 3) or online. Titleist ProV1x or Srixon Z-StarXV. Given there is no Yellow ProV1 this seems like an opening for a high end ball to grab some market share. Would love to test for you
  3. I have been wearing the Jetty and also have the Hard Kore for a year +. They are definitely nice and I love them! Like most expensive glasses though, they are never returned if you lose them. I would love to see a company come out with a classy name-phone # stick on that fits inside the arm so that us "losers" have a chance to get them back if they are left on the driving range, etc. They could even make this an extra customized fill after sale item. This would really make a big point with me, although I would guess it would go against the marketing angle that blank percent of sales are for loss replacements. After losing 1 pair ad forking over $175 again, I started putting a small label with my name and phone inside the arm. So far, I have not had to test this. Great work on the review.
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