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  1. My daughter (13) won the 16-19 age group last week using a Srixon Soft Feel (white) shooting a 79. The balls were a gift from her coach. She's now convinced it was the ball. That said, she loves bright golf balls because they stand out off of the tee and they're easier to track. She'd use them in tournaments and Srixon could have a true convert for life.
  2. This is for my 9 yr old daughter who has played the same ball at the US Kids World Championships the last couple of years. Her ball of choice has been discontinued, so this could be an amazing find for her! Swing Speed: mid 70's Handicap: 8-9
  3. Scott Connors, Louisiana Handicap is 13 Rounds are 40ish per year I typically buy online Currently playing Bridgestone B330
  4. I'm a bit torn here. As an American, I'd want the USA Super Stroke 2.0 midsize for my daughter's putter. All of the "cool kids" are using Super Stroke and I haven't had a great reason to get her one. What better reason than winning one here? However, since we have to pick a winner, I'd be remiss if I didn't say I think Europe will win . . . hands down. Victor Dubuisson will shock the world!
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