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  1. It depends on what mood I'm in but one of these ^^^.
  2. Still not accurate. https://www.golfmonthly.com/news/report-rory-mcilroy-drove-beautifully-on-augusta-national-visit-after-equipment-change First paragraph excerpt! "Per The Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis, McIlroy is said to have driven the ball “beautifully” during the two rounds last week following the reported change where he apparently used a shorter driver shaft while retaining his TaylorMade Stealth 2 head." Collin Morikawa went to a previous TM driver. Rory has been trying to find a TM Stealth 2 head that is similar in performance to the one he used for the past year. Which he felt was getting to the point of not passing COR testing by the PGA Tour. Not because of lost distance but lost accuracy. Excerpt from the first article I linked. “These driver heads are so finicky, it’s hard to get one exactly the same. I’m obviously trying my best, trying to get something that’s as close to what I had last year. I have just struggled a little bit off the tee the last couple weeks.”
  3. The No Laying Up article mentioned above. The addition of Kevin Van Valkenburg to the NLU team is paying enormous dividends!!! https://nolayingup.com/blog/mcilroy-supports-governing-bodies-distance-proposal
  4. Well, this just isn't even remotely true!!! https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/mar/09/rory-mcilroy-laments-change-of-driver-golf-poor-start-at-players-championship Excerpt from the linked article. McIlroy said: “I went to that new driver in Riviera, and it’s just not … look, I wish I could use my driver from last year but I can’t just because if you use a driver for so long, basically it just wouldn’t pass the test. The more a club is used, the more it’s hit, the more springy the face becomes. These driver heads are so finicky, it’s hard to get one exactly the same. I’m obviously trying my best, trying to get something that’s as close to what I had last year. I have just struggled a little bit off the tee the last couple weeks.” Understanding his old driver would likely fail the COR test done by the PGA Tour, he started trying to find a replacement and hasn't been able to find anything that suits him.
  5. The PGA Tour doesn’t dictate or decide what defines a major. Which is why they don’t have one!
  6. I see a lot of people using other sports to justify anger toward the USGA. Here's a few thoughts. "Is the NBA going to raise the rim to 11 feet?" - Golf courses have been lengthening for two decades thus, "raising the rim" in a golf sense. The NBA has moved the 3-point line four times, widened the lane twice, governed the way defense can be played, and shortened the shot clock in the past 30 years. The NBA, college basketball and high school basketball all use a different 3-point line and high school uses a narrower lane. "Are we going to lengthen the mile because runners are running it faster." - Again, golf courses have lengthened for two decades so, in a sense, yes, golf is lengthening the mile for the players at the highest levels of the game. To use a more apt running analogy, limits in the design of track shoes were imposed in 2001 for elite amateur and professional competitions, effectively creating a bifurcated set of rules for track and field. The PGA Tour will vote against this policy and will play by our own rules." - That's certainly the PGA Tour's prerogative. The USGA will simple remove automatic qualifications extended to PGA Tour players for all USGA Championships. PGA Tour players will then be forced to go through qualifying to play in the US Open. The issue with this situation, as I see it, is the USGA should have done this 20 years ago before things got out of hand!
  7. No Laying Up "Live From The Killhouse" during big tournaments is as good as it gets. They usually go live within 15 minutes of TV coverage coming to an end for those that don't know.
  8. Please take a moment to read the article published by The Firepit Collective and Ryan French (MondayQInfo). This is my hometown. My home golf club. My daughters high school. I reached out to Ryan on Twitter a few weeks ago to help spread the word to raise funds to get these kids to the PGA of America National Invitational in July at the new PGA of America headquarters in Frisco, TX. Ryan did more that that. He wrote this article, started a GoFundMe, and donated a large sum of money out of his own pocket. Thank you,
  9. Ian Poulter lit a bunch of money on fire flying private from Florida to London to Florida to Tulsa to Florida to..........in episode 3. I lost count of all the private flights he took in that episode. No wonder he signed with LIV. It was either that or sell some of his car collection.
  10. My favorite episode as well. Joel on Sunday of the US Open: “I told my dad that we’re pregnant this morning.” Geno: “Awww, happy Father’s Day. What did he say?” Joel: “A rather subtle, your life’s about to get so much harder.”
  11. The first episode is really good. I would have preferred the show to run chronologically with the season as opposed to beginning with Harbor Town but it was still very good.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm an action star. Maybe an inaction star. I didn't do anything but witness this stuff. The county the plane crashed in is two counties over from where I live and one county over from where I was playing that day. For reference, it's the same county the events leading to the movie "Lawless" came from. It's common for the military to fly training missions all over the mountains of southwest Virginia. Some of the ridge-lines can be several hundred feet high, as is the case with the beginning section of the back side of my home club. Planes coming over the top of that ridge-line will scare the hell out of you. You cannot hear them coming. They come over the mountain right overhead, and you feel like the world is caving in around you.
  13. In 2004, I was playing golf with some guys I didn't know well. They invited me to their club (Great Oaks in Floyd, VA), which was memorable to say the least. Playing #14, a military jet flying just above treetop height passed directly overhead. The plane was in obvious distress. Dark gray/black smoke billowing out of sputtering engines. Shortly after passing overhead, we could see two people eject from the plane and parachutes deploy. A few seconds later, we could hear the crash followed by a huge plume of fire and smoke rising over the tree canopy. https://www.hmpgloballearningnetwork.com/site/emsworld/news/10341287/f-15-crashes-virginia-two-pilots-unhurt Two years later, I was playing my home club for the first time as a guest. The head pro and a couple of longtime members were showing me around as I was prepared to purchase my stock and become a member. Again, a low flying military plane tops over the ridge from behind. That sudden jolt of noise and ground rumbling beneath your feet is off-putting to say the least. A guy in the group ahead of us fell to the ground on the 14th green clutching his chest. The sudden scare had given him a heart attack. He didn't survive. In 2017, my daughter and I were just beginning our day together playing the 1st hole of my home club when a helicopter landed on the 1st green as we are standing in the 1st fairway. The EMT's leap from the chopper with backboard in hand, load up a guy on the 2nd tee box, and lift off. He had suffered a heart attack a few weeks prior. Against doctors recommendation, he was back on the golf course, smoking and drinking as if nothing had happened. He didn't survive the second heart attack. Pretty sure I posted a picture of the helicopter landing on here in another thread when it happened. Hard to say these are the "best" but they are certainly the most memorable. I have an issue with aircraft on the golf course!!!
  14. A few we have streamed over the past year that I would recommend. The Bear (Hulu) Black Bird (AppleTV) Bosch: Legacy (Amazon Prime/Freebee) Dopesick (Hulu) Candy (Hulu) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Hulu) The Crown (Netflix)
  15. Don’t read too much into the term “tailored” in general. I don’t like the “skinny jeans” look myself. It’s just a little more involved than chopping off and inch and giving it a hem. I can’t stand the short rise in modern pants so I buy a size bigger waist and have them “tailored” to fit in the legs. I’m generally right in between a 32 and 34 inseam (33 is almost impossible to find) so the inseam gets adjusted to match. The lady that does it for me is a magician. I find them to fit, feel and look better and it generally costs me $10 a pair for the “tailored” look.
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