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  1. Thanks guys for all the support! Will be running a contest for some other stuff pretty soon
  2. great write up! Was nice talking to you and fitting you to the new stuff.
  3. Im fortunate enought to be a part of this launch. Definetely excited to post my piece!! Will be posting more about this on my @morikawatmag instagram account
  4. I have the 2014 tour preferred MC's and that was the first I was thinking but I've never had a problem with it
  5. Ya man we gotta play sometime! ill send you a message on twitter
  6. Hello fellow MyGolfSpy member, My name is Jonathan Morikawa (@MorikawaTMaG) and I joined this forum probably for the same reason you all did, to learn and disscuss golf. A little background on me. I am a Junior Golfer in Honolulu Hawaii and I am also currently on TaylorMade's Junior staff. I have been on the GolfWRX forum for a while now and decided to try something different, I was actually tempted to join by @GolfSpy_MBP. Just recently I went to the TaylorMade Kingdom to update my metalwoods, I will definetely making a post on here about that experience and my bag. Some of you might have
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