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  1. SO my WIFE just gave me the great news! she has given me the $500 deposit towards the new Hogans to fill my SCOR set. i'm so excited! yeah, it sucks without being able to see it, but if they perform like the SCOR, life will be good. I was told that this offer was only available to past SCOR owners and they will be releasing a new website and offering this to everyone who has been put on this reservation line. also told that it launches on Jan 20th and we get to see the 19th which states in the letter there. Barry did not say, but implied because of everyone wanting the product this is simply to test the market with previous SCOR owners and save a spot in the production line as they might be afraid they cannot fill all orders once launched. We will see, but I'll be one of the first and post photos on the 19th!
  2. I saw this mentioned else where. I was starting to wonder what is going on over there. I don't have $500 to just throw down for something I cannot see, but have a few buddies who might be interested. My favorite part was the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5bh_2J2t5c
  3. Best balls out there. If you are afraid to spend the $5 on a ball, then don't buy them.
  4. I received this via an email from Golf Spy X. PRIVATE SALE PRIVATE1 - Good for 1 club at $109 per PRIVATE2 - Good for 2 clubs at $109 per PRIVATE3 - Good for 3 clubs at $99 per PRIVATE4 - Good for 4 clubs at $99 per PRIVATE5 - Good for 5 clubs at $99 per I am not sure when this is valid through, but still works today.
  5. I feel in the minority talking in the negative about TaylorMade here, but who the F cares about graphics on a club. Give me simple, give me clean.
  6. I can agree with all of you on which is the right SCOR club to use. It is funny sitting back and reading the comments as we all have one problem. It now is not about the club, it is having too many "trusted" clubs around the green that we hit the wrong shot as we are thinking too much about the shot. I'll provide my two cents and everyone can take it for what it is worth because at this point, I think it is less about the functionality of the club, but goes into how you play the game. I was lucky enough that I had the same person who taught me how to play golf at age 10 be a local PGA pro who was also my high school coach who was also my step-dad. If he taught me one thing around the green it was play the percentages and keep it low. If I was deciding between a 8 iron bump & run or a 56 pitch to the hole, I was told to hit the 8 iron. It avoided taking the club back to far and control the distance more leading to closer chips. Granted if there was an elevation change prior to green or a hill to hit over, then hit the pitch. If it was a ridge in the green, hit the bump & run and learn how to control it. By doing this, he literally opened my entire bag around the green. I'll my 4 iron HOGAN to my 59 SCOR. With the SCORs, if I'm deciding between my 51 & 55 now, I just see if it is downhill or uphill. If it downhill, I take the 55 and if it is uphill, I grab the 51. I read somewhere most 85% of chip shots inside 25 yards are short.
  7. I understand this is the clothing Ben Hogan. Any chance they have a wedge or something included in this? It seems like a big deal, if they are making an announcement about a give-a-way.
  8. Definitely slick looking. I think it was mentioned earlier in this thread about a conversation with Barry @ SCOR saying that the V-Sole would be carried over into the Hogans.
  9. Why do you think this? I do not believe TMAG is reflective as to what a Callaway, Titleiest or other OEMs do. I think the bad publicity around the industry doesn't help, so I do agree others will most likely be down, but I do not think "even more."
  10. It makes me wonder if their product line will change in the near future?
  11. I'm not sure of playability nor would I throw in Srixon irons in my bag, but damn those look good!
  12. Sounds like a Cobra mixed with SLDR.
  13. i agree kenny - do you have the link to the other thread? I be interested in reading more...
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