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  1. "i know what my driver looks like"..... yeah but your friends or golf partners can't see it if it's under the cover.... so let them see your driver with a see through headcover.... and regarding your invisible head cover.... it won't happen soon.... seriously.....
  2. just imagine a driver headcover but it's see through like a rain coat..... seriously I just saw it last week in a proshop..... What I would like to ask... would you guys buy it?
  3. invisible cover? like it means no headcover??? or invisible like harry potter invisible cloak? LOL! transparent like some rain coat which you can see your clothing inside the coat... something like that.... hmmm clear plastic more like it (When I saw it, I had no idea if it is made of plastic or fabric).... but you know the meaning of transparent right? This image will help you to understand: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/04/d3/82/04d382f9f9b0a2a8c3907863abd4235d.jpg
  4. Has anyone used that transparent driver heacover which you can see the driver head? how do you like it?
  5. not many actual readings? so what does it capture in real time? porbably LA, Ball speed and back spin just like the old Flightscope?
  6. I recently used a accusport VectorX launch monitor. The LM is pretty neat, it has a built in monitor and the driving range rents it to visitors for $20 for 20 minutes. just wondering if this LM reading is accurate. I used at a range and the bay has a roof (1/2 outdoor?). I notice you can even see if your angle of attack is positive or negative. has anybody had any experience using this device?
  7. First of all, this posting is not discrimination against the japanese seller but rather my bad experience at most sellers at rakuten global. On Sunday, I ordered 6 grips from this shop on Rakuten Global: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/golftheory/item/gtss/ The reason I ordered this grip, it arrives faster than if I order from the us continent. On Thursday I already received the grips. So it's only 4 days shipping from Japan. And the price is also slightly cheaper. The shipping cost about $12. I received the email confirmation on Sunday night if I want to confirm ordering the 6 grips. I replied "Yes I confirmed this order". It also stated in the email that my credit card was charged for the 6 grips. Total is about $40. On Thursday afternoon, the package arrived and out of disbelief, they only sent me 4 grips. I contacted "Golf Theory" that they only sent me 4 grips. Out of disbelief, they replied "I;m sorry, the order has been changed" and they attached a text portion from the email confirmation that I ordered 4 grips. Wow!!! total scam and dishonesty from this seller. FYI, I have been buying on Rakuten for 2 years total and this is the 1st time a Japanese seller is being dishonest and a liar. If they think making profit by scamming me for the small amount ($10.50) they lied is a good money, then this seller is lost and do not know how to do a business. The money amount is very small and I have lost my trust on this seller and I warn the other to be warned. Maybe it's the language barrier or the rakuten system is pretty bad. Yes, I have contacted Rakuten Customer support and their answer is simply "please contact the seller directly" without really trying to understand the problem. No buyer protection like ebay and the order processing is slow and painful. Also do they need to send me an email in Japanese since the website is Rakuten Global? they ship to non Japanese people outside japan? so what's the point of the email in Japanese? Really be careful with you are dealing with on Rakuten Global.
  8. And my handicap is going up a lot lately because I do not play as much as I used to .... used to be once a week.... now probably only once a month....
  9. I already mentioned my handicap. What else do you need? my address??
  10. it's useless, people lie on the net.... 300 yards drive. 110 driver swing speed....LOL! Anyway these data are accurate using a Flightscope @home with the maltby hdi: Ball speed: 122 mph LA: 19 degree Backspin: 3300 smash factor: 1.45 swing speed: 84 mph (2 iron) it says carry 184 yards and total distance 200 yards... which exactly I got on the course. I carry driver, #2 HDI, 4-PW, SW and a putter.... simple bag. Handicap: 16!!
  11. yes I read it and watched his video. I still don't think it will work. it says that's why there is an additional hybrid if you hit it shorter with the 5. Tom knows....
  12. I had some similar clubs with the OP, so I will share my experience: I gamed SLDR 430 (Japan version) last year. 10 degree but actual loft is 11.7*. Shafted it with Matrix Ozik Xcon (the original one). This combo is the longest I've ever had. About 15 yards longer than anything I ever gamed. The big problem, this driver is going left left left about 50% of my tee shots. I've seen some complains that some people hook withtheir SLDR so my experience is not far from it. The head is so small that I would not recommend this head to anyone above 16 handicap. Then I gamed Nike Covert Tour 2.0. Classic pear shape 460cc. More forgiving than the SLDR. The only problem it launches too low (despite the low kick point shaft on it). This is a low spin low launch driver. The spin is probably about the same as the SLDR but the launch is even lower. I hit it shorter than the SLDR. Then I found my old Nike VR Tour (/w fixed hosel). I gamed this about 3 years ago and I couldn't hit it during that time. My swing was out to in and I sliced most of the time with this driver. Recently I shafted with the matrix Ozik Xcon I had in the SLDR and with my new swing (fixed my slice in 2015), I found this driver is more forgiving and with the same low spin I got with the SLDR. How far do I hit it? about 15 yards longer than my average drive (about the same with the SLDR). So my point.... newer is not always better.... and low spin drivers have been existing for ages. SLDR was not the first front forward CG driver. Every tour driver on the market has a low front forward CG for lower spin and lower launch. Callaway FT Tour is one example....
  13. on the internet, assumptions are common mistakes. We do not know the poster's gender and age and playing skills. And I do know mr.J is a pro fitter and I think he has not seen anyone with a 2 iron until now. And I made a mistake of assuming Mr.J as somebody else because I've seen the same username in sandtrap. And he was a tough mod (to everybody and not just me).... for that I apologize.... Just played with Maltby HDI last week (bought it last year). To be honest it's a hybrid in the shape of an iron (yes referring the club as a 2 iron is not accurate). It's the easiest club to hit in the bag. And the distance is the same as my 5 wood. I play the club on a short par 4s (300 yards or a bit more) and on Par 5s (fairway shots). I do not think 2 iron exists anymore.... they are just hybrids.
  14. After give it a long thought.... I do not think it will work. I use my PW for chipping (share the load with my SW). Can you imagine using a 37" PW for chipping? I also use the PW for a 70 yards pitch shot..... which will go 100 yards probably if I use a 37" PW. Another problem might arise, ball position. Picture this. usually the longer the iron, 6 and below, the more forward the ball position toward the left heel. If the ball position stays the same because of the single length, it means 5 iron ball position is in the center just like a 7 iron. That would cause problem because the loft of the sterling 5 iron is so low (23*). Because of the ball position is in the center rather than a bit forward, the 5 iron will not launch just like an ordinary 5 iron. It will launch lower. have you seen Tiger Woods' stinger? where does he place his ball? just like a PW right? one ball backward toward the right heel. So I do not think the 5 iron will carry as far as a standard 5 iron....
  15. I also notice there is an iron set named sterling iron in the wishon line. it's single length iron. I wonder if there is a benefit for using them..... 5 iron is 37" and PW is also 37"? would it affect on the distance? Like longer PW or shorter 5 iron?
  16. how many layers required to shim a .335 shaft into a .350 hosel?
  17. I vote for malbty HDI.... I only costed me about $70 to build the club, I use NS Pro steel shaft (most iron hybrids are about $200, UDI, Dhy). And It's very forgiving (I have the 19 degree). The best thing about this club is the feel. Center impact feels soft and it's not forged! it's been in my bag for 1 year....
  18. correction: UDI head is called carpenter steel and not carbon steel. this is the 1st time I've heard about carpenter steel.
  19. yes I have been for years.... I used them for ping drivers only.
  20. To be honest, I have this in mind. I saw them in the GD 2014 and wanted to try them. I received the wishon catalog yesterday and it says they are carbon steel. They are cast but since the material is carbon steel, they could be soft. I think The tmag udi is also carbon steel. I own it and it feels soft on center hits.
  21. I tried using drywall fiberglass tape for shaft shims. well it worked but it's kinda hard to stick the tape to the tip of the shaft. I used two cuts of tapes to put a .335 shaft into a .350 driver. It's kinda hard to stick the second tape to the first tape. Does anyone have any tip how to do this properly?
  22. has anyone played with forged irons from wishon? how do you like the feel of impact? firm/soft/harsh, etc? which model do you game? how's the look at address? classic thin top line or a shovel?
  23. guys guys, some update, I finally picked up wishon fairway/driver. Built to specs about 43 1/4" length (my driver is 44.5"). I only hitting it 10 yards shorter than my driver. My only complain the shape of the head at address.... it looks smaller than the tmag mini driver and it's not a pear shape. I will try to put it in my bag for the rest of the season.
  24. you are officially become a useless hole. I will ignore all your previous feedback now. garbage.... and what ever happened to your forum called "the sand trap"? are you the same moderator? nobody comes anymore and you mingle here? lots of steroid "jerks".... If you keep answering with your own "feeling" rather than facts, people will go away from your "feedbacks"..... Why? you cannot hit a 2 iron? and all the people in world with a 2 iron is "delusional"? better change that to "good ball striking".... now i think I made a mistake of asking optimal numbers for a 2 iron because nobody here can hit a 2 iron...
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