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  1. I'm new to all this but in my profession we are happy to share new concepts and technology and medical practices for the purposes of improvement. We are constantly moving forward and learning. I wish the same could be said for this.
  2. Treated myself to this in the end. It is pricey but after getting it can see why, its made from aluminium, engineered like a scotty Cameron, really top stuff. My coach has set me up with it, made a note of my angles and am using it for my backswing and my erratic head movement. In the 3 weeks I've been practicing with it my coach he has seen a massive difference, he videoed this and showed me. It just feels like rather than going backwards between lessons, for the first time I'm actually progressing. I've always used sticks as they're cheap but they would seem too inaccurate now plus you c
  3. My coach has recommended I purchase a Swingplane Perfector from Rory's coach for use over the winter months. Has anyone else got one? I've checked out the website which seems ok, bit pricy but liked their Twitter page better (@swingperfector) as there was lots of unbiased feedback from other coaches showing the different ways they use it. Appreciate any comments from anyone that has one or knows anything about it.
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