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  1. Played on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I shot 82 from the tips. Played pretty well with a few bad swings that cost me. Wednesday I played from the whites since there was a skins game and I wanted to win some money. No birdies and shot 92. Fairly certain that I have the yips from 40-100 yards although I've never experienced them before and always thought they weren't real. I must have chunked at least 14 shots in that distance range. Frustrating to say the least. It was so bad that the guys after the round were joking asking if I could give them lessons on wedge play. We had a good laugh about it, but I need to get it sorted out. The season is pretty much over, but I need to keep my pride in tact. It also seems like it's starting to leak into my iron shots. The good news is that I've been driving the ball and putting well.
  2. Had a pretty good week. Shot a personal best 77 from the whites then a couple 82s followed by a personal best 79 from the blues today. Member-member is this weekend so hopefully I can keep it up.
  3. I think this is the longest I've gone without buying a club. It's been two months.
  4. That pose. He already looks like a boss.
  5. Shot 82 at a tough course today. Lots of forced layups and carries. Left a bunch of shots out there but overall pretty happy considering I haven't played or practiced much lately.
  6. Congrats man! I'm still waiting for my first one. I'll blame it on our course only having two par 3s. Our club covers the first $300 if someone gets one which is nice.
  7. Lost my match today on 18. Struggled, had plenty of opportunities to win just couldn't capitalize. Spent a few hours at the range afterwards. Really need to start putting the practice time in again.
  8. Up from 8.3 to 9.0. Had a low score drop off and few higher ones jump in.
  9. The only thing I got out of this was pigs and acorns. Well done. Also, good putt.
  10. My Adams Red 4 hybrid is here. Just put the 25g weight in the toe. Heading to the range then to the course to see how it works out.
  11. Just ordered some touch up paint for my 5 wood thanks to my recent inability to strike a golf ball properly.
  12. The Adams Red hybrid came today. Unfortunately I won't be home until Friday. I plan on spending quite a bit of time at the range Friday to get a feel for it in addition to relearning how to strike the the ball properly which seems to be a big source of inconsistency lately.
  13. Picked up this beer koozie from the pro shop. Paid entirely way too much money for it but I had to have it. Also won an auction on the bay for a brand new Adams Red 23° hybrid for $45.
  14. Shot 82 from the tips today with two buddies. I figured out my iron/wedge issues after the front 9 they were getting to far back in my stance and I was getting pretty steep. Moved it a bit forward and started hitting solid shots again. Left a bunch of shots out there but think I made some good progress with my driver and irons so looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday.
  15. Fortunately I did. If I had made bogey there may have been more curse words and/or a club tossed around.
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