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  1. You could still play as teams. We usually play as teams of 3 and 4 depending on the number of guys we have. We count the 2 best net scores on each hole. If one team is 3 guys, we usually do a blind draw where they get one of the guys from a foursome added to their team.
  2. I'm seriously considering picking up a set just for the hell of it. My irons have always been the weakest part of my game.
  3. Played on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I shot 82 from the tips. Played pretty well with a few bad swings that cost me. Wednesday I played from the whites since there was a skins game and I wanted to win some money. No birdies and shot 92. Fairly certain that I have the yips from 40-100 yards although I've never experienced them before and always thought they weren't real. I must have chunked at least 14 shots in that distance range. Frustrating to say the least. It was so bad that the guys after the round were joking asking if I could give them lessons on wedge play. We had a good laugh about it, but I need to get it sorted out. The season is pretty much over, but I need to keep my pride in tact. It also seems like it's starting to leak into my iron shots. The good news is that I've been driving the ball and putting well.
  4. Had a pretty good week. Shot a personal best 77 from the whites then a couple 82s followed by a personal best 79 from the blues today. Member-member is this weekend so hopefully I can keep it up.
  5. I think this is the longest I've gone without buying a club. It's been two months.
  6. I have the half jackets with the Prizm lenses. Only sunglasses I'll ever wear playing golf.
  7. Considering tolerances from most manufacturers aren't that tight, it actually might not have avoided the outcome. Whenever I order new irons or wedges the first thing I do is take them to someone I trust to measure lofts and lie angles.
  8. I love the range. Maybe it's because my buddy owns one. Granted I haven't practiced near what I did last year. Some days though there's just nothing better than going out to the range and hitting balls for a few hours listening to some music to get your mind off things.
  9. That pose. He already looks like a boss.
  10. That's an unfortunate situation. Finding a good fitter requires a lot of research beforehand sometimes along with a willingness to travel further for it.
  11. Stage 1 of my review is up. Sorry for the delay guys. http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/17218-official-forum-member-review-sun-mountain-golf-bags/?p=226556
  12. Shot 82 at a tough course today. Lots of forced layups and carries. Left a bunch of shots out there but overall pretty happy considering I haven't played or practiced much lately.
  13. To start I'd like to thank MGS and Sun Mountain for the opportunity to review the C130 Cart Bag. Looking forward to doing a thorough review of the bag. My index currently sits at 9.0 and I play roughly 100 rounds per year, usually walking with a push cart in the spring/fall/winter and riding during the heat of the summer. For the past year I've been alternating back and forth between two bags - a Ping Hoofer 2 and an Ogio Chamber Cart Bag. Both great bags in their own right. The light weight of the Hoofer is where it shines while the club binding is the largest drawback. The Ogio as a cart bag is obviously quite a bit heaver but the 14 full length dividers and Silencer system at the bottom of the bag that essentially locks the clubs into place preventing club chatter are it's best features. My walk to ride ratio is about 50/50 depending on how I feel or who I'm playing with. Some days it's nice to just throw some beer in a cart with a speaker and have a good time. When I want to focus on my own game without distractions I'll typically walk. When I do walk, I use a push cart so a stand bag isn't a big necessity for me as the cart bags I've used have worked out fine in both of my push carts. The most important feature I look for in a bag is full length dividers. Club binding drives me crazy and after a bad shot it usually leads to me forcefully placing the offending club back into the bag, resulting in catching a finger or knuckle between two clubs. I also use an oversized putter grip so a putter well that is large enough is a big factor. The Ogio does not have an oversized putter well and noticeably wore down the grip within a short period of time. The Hoofer does not have a dedicated putter well so club binding with the putter was always an issue. I don't keep nearly the amount of crap in my bag that I use to, so a ton of storage isn't a huge factor but I do like to stay organized. While I've never used a Sun Mountain product before, I've hear many good things about the company and it's products. The bag seems durable, well made, and well thought out for the most part. At first glance, the C130 effectively and efficiently checks all these boxes for me which I will elaborate on more in Stage 2 of my review.
  14. Blue Moon is good, Magic Hat is good. Can't go wrong with Yuengling. Haven't tried the others.
  15. Congrats man! I'm still waiting for my first one. I'll blame it on our course only having two par 3s. Our club covers the first $300 if someone gets one which is nice.
  16. I think the last autograph I got was Derek Jeter back in the day at the old Yankee Stadium. Have a cabinet in the man cave with a ton of signed balls and memorabilia. Still haven't been to a tour event but fighting crowds to get autographs isn't really my thing.
  17. That's why I like Spieth.
  18. The demo heads and shafts just showed up at my club today. Had the Assistant Pro open the boxes so I could drool on them. Not entirely sure if I should hit them or not. I've been down this road before.
  19. As long as you guys (the guys playing with him) considered it to be a reasonable shot then it's fair game. Theoretically, if it was possible and reasonable for him to chip out backwards and someone wanted to make a big deal out of it then I think that's where things become a bit more vague. Not sure how that would go down.
  20. Here's what I found in the rules book: 24-2b/17 Obstruction Interferes with Abnormal Stroke; Abnormal Stroke Reasonable in Circumstances Q. A right-handed player's ball is so close to a boundary fence on the left of a hole that the player, in order to play towards the hole, must play left-handed. In making a left-handed stroke, the player's backswing would be interfered with by an immovable obstruction. Is the player entitled to relief from the obstruction? A. The player is entitled to relief since use of an abnormal (left-handed) stroke is reasonable in the circumstances – see Exception under Rule 24-2b. The proper procedure is for the player to take relief for a left-handed stroke in accordance with Rule 24-2b(i). The player may then use a normal right-handed swing for his next stroke. If the obstruction interferes with the swing or stance for the right-handed stroke, the player may take relief for the right-handed stroke in accordance with Rule 24-2b(i). Exception: A player may not take relief under this Rule if (a) interference by anything other than an immovable obstruction makes the stroke clearly impracticable or ( interference by an immovable obstruction would occur only through use of a clearly unreasonable stroke or an unnecessarily abnormal stance, swing or direction of play. Now that I read it again, I'm pretty sure you were correct. If a left handed shot was the most reasonable shot, then he gets relief from the cart path. He's then definitely allowed to hit the shot right handed if he chooses to. Still, it's a bit confusing.
  21. Not sure if anyone touched on this yet or not. See if you can get into some weekly games at your club where you'll get to play with better players. Playing with better players and seeing how they do things and manage the course has made me better.
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