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  1. Not sure. I still don't have one lol
  2. Lost my match today on 18. Struggled, had plenty of opportunities to win just couldn't capitalize. Spent a few hours at the range afterwards. Really need to start putting the practice time in again.
  3. That's for damn sure. Needed some Jack Daniels Honey to calm my nerves after the first 4 holes of the day.
  4. Well, today didn't exactly go as planned. Shot 43-48 for 91 in the morning and 48-40 for 88 in the afternoon. Worked last night and got no sleep so my expectations weren't too high. Didn't get comfortable until the back 9 in the afternoon round when I shot 3 over. Still, it was the first tournament stroke play event I've been in so it was a good experience. Missed qualifying for the championship flight in the match play bracket by a few strokes. Looking forward to next year.
  5. Damn, I thought you were gonna have to eat your hat.
  6. A couple guys at my club got into a heated discussion in the bar post round a few weeks ago. One guy goes through his pre-shot routine then stands over the ball for a minimum of 20 seconds. Every shot, every putt. It took the group he was in 4 hours and 30 minutes to play 18 holes. The guy that brought this to his attention was stuck in the group behind him. 20 seconds times 85 shots (on a good day) is roughly 28 minutes.
  7. Agreed. It's really painful to watch sometimes. I'm a huge Spieth fan but he can be difficult to watch at times. I think it's important to have a solid pre-shot routine and trust it. Once I step up to the ball that's it, barring anything unusual that causes me to step off (usually some type of flying insect that wants to land on my ball). The less time I spend over the ball the better. One look at the target and go.
  8. I played the MG for a while. It was decent for the price. Snell MTB is my gamer now. Slightly better than the MG in terms of spin and distance. Don't notice a difference between it and a Pro V1X.
  9. From Nags Head Golf Links in the Outer Banks a few years ago. I'm the short guy. Last year's trip to Bryce Resort in Virginia. Still the short guy.
  10. I've never played true blades, but there was a time when I switched back and forth between G25s and S55s to experiment with that theory. I shot consistently lower scores with the S55s. I think it ultimately came down to the fact that I was more comfortable looking down at a smaller iron with less offset. My favorite misconception has to be hearing people talk about shaft flex all the time on the range. "Oh man you need stiff not regular!". Yep, that's exactly he's hitting the ball of the planet.
  11. 36 for the Stroke Play championship tomorrow. Top 15 move on to the match play bracket with the defending club champ. Spent a few hours at the range yesterday and my buddy got my swing back on track. Had a really good practice session for the first time in a long while. Playing with two good buddies at 9:10 tomorrow so it'll be laid back which is good. Looking forward to it. If nothing else I get to play 36 holes of golf tomorrow.
  12. Up from 8.3 to 9.0. Had a low score drop off and few higher ones jump in.
  13. The only thing I got out of this was pigs and acorns. Well done. Also, good putt.
  14. My Adams Red 4 hybrid is here. Just put the 25g weight in the toe. Heading to the range then to the course to see how it works out.
  15. My club built a 2 bay fitting center at the end of the range. In the winter they shut the doors and turn on the heat. Two trackmans plus the E6 simulator. It beats the heck out of not swinging a club for a few months.
  16. Haven't heard anything on that yet. I'm excited to hit them although I doubt they'll give me enough reason to replace my 850s.
  17. My buddy just bought those for his range this year. I actually really like them.
  18. I rarely play as a single but if I do, I don't expect to be given any courtesies. I use it as an opportunity to practice approaches, pitches, chips, bunker shots, and putting.
  19. Just ordered some touch up paint for my 5 wood thanks to my recent inability to strike a golf ball properly.
  20. The Adams Red hybrid came today. Unfortunately I won't be home until Friday. I plan on spending quite a bit of time at the range Friday to get a feel for it in addition to relearning how to strike the the ball properly which seems to be a big source of inconsistency lately.
  21. The 36 hole stroke play next weekend should be interesting. It'll be my first ever tournament stroke play experience.
  22. Picked up this beer koozie from the pro shop. Paid entirely way too much money for it but I had to have it. Also won an auction on the bay for a brand new Adams Red 23° hybrid for $45.
  23. Shot 82 from the tips today with two buddies. I figured out my iron/wedge issues after the front 9 they were getting to far back in my stance and I was getting pretty steep. Moved it a bit forward and started hitting solid shots again. Left a bunch of shots out there but think I made some good progress with my driver and irons so looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday.
  24. I'm pretty intrigued by the KBS Tour FLTs now. Might get a set to start my DIY club building career.
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