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  1. I know I'm a hack. What's worse is that my girlfriend, who has never played golf in her life, knows that I'm a hack. I can't complain too much because she supports me and even bought me Game Golf, but she sent me this picture yesterday while I was at work. I would just like to say that I haven't actually done this. Yet.
  2. I've had good luck buying used ProV1x balls on eBay. I can't justify buying them brand new because I still lose too many, although I have started making it through more rounds with only one or two. I don't use junk balls on harder tee shots or over water because its not a thought I want to put in my head at all. I feel like if I use a junk ball for a harder shot then I'm not in control of the mental aspect of my game. Doesn't always work but not paying $4 a ball makes it easier to cope with.
  3. I'll have to look into those. Hadn't heard of them before. Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes Hula, I practice with my gamers. I spend quite a bit of time at the range practicing with my gamers. I didn't mean to imply that I would practice with a blade and disregard my gamers. I was leaning more towards whether or not practicing with a blade in conjunction with my regular practice might benefit my swing, ball striking, etc.
  5. I love the look of a bladed iron. With Cobra and Nike releasing their new lines this popped into my head again. There's just something about them that is extremely appealing to me. In reality, I have no business bagging them and probably never will and I'm fine with that. Despite this, I've wondered for a while if practicing with one would be of any benefit besides just satisfying my selfish desire to hit one every once in a while for fun. I play Ping G25s and I love them. I've been considering ordering an S55 5 or 6 iron in my specs just to hit at the range occasionally to change things up. It wouldn't break the bank if I could order a single iron but what do you guys think? Would it be worthwhile or beneficial to my swing outside of just messing around with it?
  6. Played this morning. 9 fairways hit but only 5 greens. 4/5 greens that I hit were with my SCORs, including my only birdie. Just couldn't hit my irons well today. Still managed an 84 thanks in large part to my new confidence around the greens. Still need to improve substantially more with my short game but I'm confident that with my old set up I would have been closer to 90 today. Looking forward to my 45* getting here tomorrow.
  7. 1. Why do you visit online forums in general, golf-related or otherwise? I enjoy discussions about golf. I've followed the MGS site for about two years. I would check the site almost every day hoping for a new article that I could read. When there wasn't, I was overcome with sadness. This trend continued for about a year. Then, in a quest to satisfy my desparate desire for more information, I found the "forum" link. It was like discovering a new planet. I was excited. 2. What do you look for in a golf forum? This forum. A forum where not everyone has a 120mph swing speed. A forum where not everyone hits 300 yard drives uphill into a 20mph wind when it's 30 degrees outside. I've only been an active contributor for a week or so but everyone has been extremely helpful and welcoming. I enjoy the non-elitist feel of the forum. 3. What are some of your favorite forums, golf-related or otherwise? This forum. 4. What do they do well that appeals to you? See all of the above. 5. What 3 or 4 items are most important to you in a golf forum? See all of the above again. 6. What do you think the MyGolfSpy Forum (separate from the blog) does well? Everything. Discussions, contests, polls. I think the forum is laid out nicely. 7. In what areas do you think the MyGolfSpy Forum can improve? This is a tough one. I can't think of anything off of the top of my head that the forum itself needs to improve upon. What I would like to see most is more activity. I was the problem. I sat around reading the forum for a year as a guest, never contributing anything. Now I see the error in my ways and wish more people would get involved in the conversations. 8. What do you think differentiates the MyGolfSpy Forum from other golf forums? See #2. 9. In what ways do you think the MyGolfSpy forum can recruit new members and better involve existing members? Another doozy. Maybe a blog article every once in a while that talks about the forums and shows some of the highlights. Might catch the interest of people that just come to the site for the articles and may not be aware of the forums. 10. Please list a few suggestions that you think would help the MyGolfSpy Forums fulfil the goals stated above, as well as deliver the type of Forum you're looking for. I think the bottom line is growing the forum and getting more people involved. See #9.
  8. I'll play into the 30s as long as there isn't brutal wind and there isn't snow on the ground. I've got the UA cold gear pants and mock that I use for my base layer which work pretty well. I also picked up some UA winter golf pants and a Nike therma fit pullover from a local golf course. FJ Wintersof gloves and a beanie. Can always throw some thermals on top of the cold gear if I need the extra layer. I would say that the gloves are the weakest link.
  9. Nice job there Rick. I definitely see why you would use blades for your shorter irons. My ball striking definitely isn't at a point yet where that's a viable option for me which is why I think I'm enjoying the SCORs so much. I think I'd feel confident replacing up to my 9 iron with them. The 45* PW replacement was shipped out this morning. I'm excited to try these techniques using the SCORs instead of my G25s. I've definitely seen the effects that a hotter face can have on chips and pitches. I'm going to try to commit to the idea of using lower lofted clubs around the green where situations allow it (Kenny made a good point about carrying further to take out some slope) although I don't think I'll be going lower than my 8 iron.
  10. Thanks guys. I appreciate the information. Good stuff to think about and mess around with.
  11. I'm sure I will sooner rather than later. I think I'd prefer to have a 5* gap between my 8 and 9 anyway.
  12. Today I had my fifth lesson since I started playing. Had 3 back around May, one last week and one today. The focus of today's lesson was short game since I feel that is the weakest part of my game. Started out hitting shots from 40 yards and in over a bunker which went well then did some bunker work which was a huge help. For the last part my instructor took me over to the putting green and had me hit some chip shots. He recommended a technique for me when I'm in the rough around the green (within 3-5 yards or so) or even in the fringe. Depending on the amount of rough I need to clear or the amount of room I have to allow the ball to run out to the pin would determine whether I used a 9 or PW. Typically I use my 54 or 58 for these types of shots so this was new to me. He had me grip down so that my bottom hand was just on the steel below the grip and stand very close to the ball so that the shaft was almost straight up and down. This lifted the heel up out of the grass and left the toe down in the grass. He then had me use a putting stroke to chip and run the ball with the toe of the club. I was astonished at how easy it was to do especially in the thick, wet grass. It eliminated any of my occasional duffs or skulls from these spots around the green. Obviously it's best suited for when you have some green to work with and you're not too far off the green. The reason I bring this up is to see what you guys think about it. Has anyone here used this method or tried it? The reason I ask is that today was the first time I've ever heard of it.
  13. I just bit the bullet and ordered a 45* to replace my G25 PW.
  14. Excellent thanks. I just ordered some so I can try it out.
  15. I'm a bit of a club ho. I started the year with: Driver - Taylormade R9 10.5 3 Wood - Ping G20 15* Hybrid - Ping G20 20* and Ping G20 23* Irons - Taylormade RBZ 5-AW Wedges - Cleveland 588 RTX 56* and 60* Putter - Odyssey Metal X #7 Now: Driver - Ping G25 10.5 3 Wood - same Hybrid - G25 20* and G25 23* Irons - G25 5-PW Wedges - SCOR 50*, 54*, 58* Putter - Ping Karsten TR Anser 2 Driver, irons, and wedges have been the biggest improvements for me. I couldn't break 100 back in April and I'm now consistently mid 80s. I think some of it is definitely from the mental aspect of the confidence that I have with my current clubs but I'm sure most of it is simply from how much I've practiced and played this year. I would have to say that the SCOR wedges were the best money I spent this year (thanks to the MGS coupon code).
  16. Truly sorry for your loss Jmike. I know how difficult it is. Our last dog passed a year and a half ago and it was an emotional time for sure. Now we have a 1.5 year old pit bull rescue and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
  17. I took the plunge and switched over to the Bestgrips Microperf grips from the GolfPride NDMC grips based on the reviews I've read here at MGS. Due to the fall weather here in PA, I've had the opportunity to play with the grips in 80* weather, 40* weather, and rain. In all three conditions I've been able to to hit full, aggressive shots with a glove and with no gloves. The grips have excelled in every situation. Not once have I felt a club slip or rotate at the top of my backswing or at impact, which use to happen occasionally with other grips I've played since I have smaller hands and tend to go after it from time to time. The tackiness took some getting use to but now I'm not sure how I ever played without it. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the stitching but I actually enjoy having it on the bottom of the club. It doesn't tear up my hands on lengthy range days and helps to make the clubs feel even more secure in my hands. I can't speak to the durability yet but based on what others have been saying, these grips are well worth the money. There's just something awesome about having handmade leather grips on your clubs. Definitely one of the best investments I've made in my game so far. The only issue I've had with the grips was during installation and this is not a major issue or negative by any means. I install my grips myself using odorless mineral spirits and regular double sided grip tape since I haven't gotten into air installation yet. I installed the Microperfs the same way I install all my other grips but used more mineral spirits and followed the steps on the Bestgrips website. For me, getting the grips down the shafts was a struggle especially on my graphite shafted clubs. I was able to get the grips on without issue but it took quite a bit longer than normal and it was a workout. Just a heads up in case anyone else experiences this in the future when trying to use mineral spirits. I assume the problem is with the mineral spirits. I've got a few left to do and going forward I'll be using the tape deactivator that they sell on their website. Once I try the installation with that I'll post a comparison here. If you're on the fence about these grips, give them a shot even if you only buy 1 or 2 to start with. Well worth it.
  18. Thanks guys. I play in south central PA just north of Maryland and about 30 minutes west of Gettysburg. I was able to get a round in this morning. First hole is a short par 4 about 330 yards downhill. Hit a good drive about 3 yards short of the green and was able to use my 54 to get up and down for a birdie. Second hole is a 520 yard par 5 that doglegs left. Hit driver followed by a 3 hybrid to about 25 yards short of the green into the rough on the right. Used my 58 here since I shortsided myself and had to get over a bunker. Took one bounce, hit the pin and ended up about 4 feet away leading to another birdie. Par on the par 3 third with a GIR. The fourth was another short but tight par 4. Hit a drive that left me 115 out. Hit the 50 to 10 feet and made another birdie. After that thoughts of breaking 80 crept in and I cracked under the pressure but the SCORs continued to perform well. I had par at worst on the holes where I was able to use a SCOR for my approach shot. Out of the three greenside bunkers I used the 58 and it worked brilliantly. Typically I can't get out of a bunker to save my life. Ended up with an 82 which I'm perfectly happy with for where I'm at. Hopefully I'll be able to play a decent amount throughout the winter. Might have to pick up a 40 and 45 to replace my 9 and PW in the spring. Hope this helps and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
  19. Hey guys. First post for me on the MGS forums or any golf forum for that matter. I've only been playing for 3 years so I've just been trying to take in as much information as possible. I really haven't been compelled to comment on anything until now. As of this year I've been able to consistently shoot in the mid 80s and I'm down to a 15 handicap. I've gravitated towards the reviews on MGS as well as the forums here. You guys are excellent. In my short time golfing I've played Taylormade, Titleist and Cleveland wedges. My short game has always been the weakest part of my game. Typically I'd rather lay up to a full pitching wedge than anything inside 100 yards due to lack of confidence. A few weeks ago I went for it and purchased some SCOR wedges based on the reviews here. I ended up getting the 54 and 58 and a 50 to replace my G25 U wedge. The 54 and 58 replaced 56 and 60 Cleveland 588 RTX wedges for me. I've been able to get a ton of practice and a handful of rounds in with them and the difference to me is amazing. I feel like I can hit any chip or pitch with full confidence and I'm already seeing drastic improvements in my short game. Definitely a big improvement on mishits for me. Just wanted to share with you guys in case anyone was on the fence about whether or not to try them. I definitely think they're worth the chance. Once I get more data and rounds in I'll give a more in depth review but so far so good.
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