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  1. Awesome really enjoyed it. Definitely going back and bringing the the sticks next time.
  2. Played in the Lions and Legends at the club yesterday. Basically a two day Ryder Cup style tournament where it's young guys against older guys. Couldn't play Saturday because we came back from vacation. Front 9 was better ball my partner made a 5 footer on #9 to win 1 up. Back 9 was singles where you play against both of the other two guys. Shot 2 over on the back with three 3 putts and won both of my matches. Had to give one guy 1 stroke and the other guy 2 strokes. Really happy considering I hadn't touched a club in a week and a half. Also popped the question to my girlfriend while we were on vacation in Kiawah Island and she said yes. Overall it was a pretty good week.
  3. Not sure I can help much here. I have a 9.5 with both weights in the back and have no problem launching it. FWIW, my Ping drivers were always 10.5. Just remember that adjusting the loft will affect the face angle. If you get a 10.5 and lower it to 9.75, face will be open 2°. Down to 9, 3° open. Down to 8.5, 4° open. Same going the other way. If you get a 9.5 and increase to 10.25, 2° closed. Up to 11, 3° closed. Up to 11.5, 4° closed. I guess it would depend on your desired shot shape as well as what you feel comfortable looking at. I personally hate looking at closed faces and much prefer them to be square or open. In your neck of the woods you might adjust the driver depending on conditions to get more carry so I guess it might be a consideration.
  4. I caddied for my buddy in his U.S. Open qualifier at Pete Dye Golf Club in West Virginia. Brutal is the only the way I can describe it.
  5. Down to 9.2. Goal is 5 by the end of the season in October.
  6. Shot 79 yesterday. +5 on the front and +1 on the back with 3 birdies. Two doubles on the front. Got a SuperStroke Pistol GT 2.0 put on my Odyssey Metal X #7 and used it yesterday. Putted lights out. Must have made 7 or 8 putts from 10-15 feet. By far the best putting day I've ever had. Finished with 23 putts.
  7. The Snell Get Sum is a good distance ball and priced around $20/dozen. I usually play it in the winter. During the summer I play the Snell My Tour Ball priced at $27/dozen. To me it plays just like a Pro V1X. Not quite as long as the Get Sum off the tee but much better spin around the greens. I think they also offer trial packs on their website. I also like the Callaway Chromesoft and have been playing it lately since I haven't had a chance to order more Snells yet. It's a little more pricey at $40/dozen.
  8. I'm looking forward to getting the M1 hybrid so I can put the 25g weight in the toe.
  9. I'm also not a Tmag fan but I think they hit the nail on the head with the M1 and M2 series of clubs. I'm still gaming my M1 in this set up with the weights in the back and I love it.
  10. We now have a season long scratch match play which is nice. I'm not a huge fan of handicapped events. Won in the second round today 3&2. Started off +2 on the front then forgot how to play golf somewhere between 9 and 10. Back 9 was a struggle. Missed three 3 foot putts for par that should have won me all three holes and closed it out on 12. Need to put in some time around the practice green.
  11. I'm taking my girlfriend to Kiawah Island in July since she just got done with graduate school. We'll be 3 minutes from the Ocean Course. She offered to pay for me to play there (after I told her how much it was) but I had to decline because I thought it was the right thing to do. She's a saint. Hopefully by the time we get back she will be my fiancé. Sent from my SM-G925V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Shot 39 in league last night. Hit the ball really well, one birdie. Had a damn 4 putt on #4 and a 3 putt on #8 from 7 feet.
  13. Yes, you get relief if it interferes with your stance. Similar to a cart path. Here's a link to read more about it: http://www.barryrhodes.com/2013/09/relief-from-greenside-sprinkler-heads.html?m=1
  14. Played mine with this setup on Thursday and Friday. Definitely a fan.
  15. I'm excited to hear this. I moved the weights to the back of mine yesterday but haven't tried it out yet. Playing in a scramble tomorrow so I'm looking forward to it.
  16. I moved both weights to the back of my M1 yesterday. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  17. Shot a million today. At least it felt like it. Couldn't do anything right. Highlight of the day was the par 5 #17. Pulled my drive right into the trees. Hit 4 hybrid from 229 out to 25 feet pin high. 3 putted for par. Best hole of the day. Beautiful day and I was fortunate enough to be playing golf. Back at it tomorrow.
  18. Worked 36 hours over the weekend. Headed to the gym then hopefully playing today. Much needed.
  19. I've found that I can swing hard as long as my head and spine angle stay fairly steady. I'm finally getting the hang of it.
  20. I absolutely love them. No complaints. Great feel and spin. Shafts to match my irons at no up charge was also a good bonus. I've never really been brand loyal but with irons and wedges I might very well be now. I played the 54s before my JPX850s and loved those irons. Still my back up set.
  21. Welcome Dave. Sounds like you should be pretty close to single digits right now.
  22. I've messed with it on the practice green but not enough to try it on the course yet. The idea makes perfect sense. Pitchers look at their target, shooters look at the hoop, quarterbacks...so on and so forth. What I want to examine more is whether or not it would be more effective to putt looking at the hole or a point on the green. For instance on a downhill left to right putt - would it be better to look at the hole or a spot to the right and short of the hole that you want to putt the ball to? Once I can get some more practice time in I'll be re-examining it.
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