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  2. I downloaded the phone app after reading a suggestion that pictures were easier to upload from the phone. When I tried to login with my username and password I was told they were incorrect. I am not sure what the problem is as I used the same username and password used on the computer.
  3. I wear tri-focal progressives for my daily use. I can't swing the club while wearing them. I wear single vision transition lenses on the course. I can't read the scorecard very well but I can see the ball.
  4. It is a tossup for me between The Stadium Course at PGA West and Oakland Hills South. The last time I played Stadium on of my friends was in so many bunkers we started calling him Rommel. Oakland Hills had some of the fastest greens I have ever seen. Anything above the hole was a gut wrenching approach putt to get close.
  5. I am in the small town of Josephine about an hour northeast of downtown Dallas.
  6. Greetings, I finally got myself hooked up on the forum. If I can figure out how to downsize a photo, I will post one. I tried a couple today but both were to large. I have been at this game for over 50 years and had the privilege of playing a wide variety of famous and not so famous courses over the years. The GHIN says I am currently a 5 though I maintain my handicap is at has always been, between my ears.
  7. I grew up across the river from Sarnia. I used to play a lot of golf at a course called Wildwood near Bright's Grove and also up in Grand Bend. I think Wildwood was redone and renamed some years back. Welcome. I am also new to this board.
  8. The courses at Bandon Dunes would make the list. After walking Erin Hills all week at the US Open, I guess link style qualifies but it is so spread out that it is nothing like any links course I have played.
  9. I currently play the JPX850 FORGED so the 900 forged would work best for me. I currently am listed as a 5 and plenty of free time this summer to test these out.
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