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  1. When this ban was announced the pro at the club where I was working looking up the PGA Tour stats on putting. Of the top 30 putters on the tour at that time only one or two were using an anchored stroke. Nobody was gaining any advantage. As was said often at the time, if it was that good a technique, everybody on tour would be trying it. The story of the croquet putting ban coming about is supposedly that Bobby Jones and Joe Dey, head of the USGA at the time, happened upon Sam Snead squatting over his putter on the practice green at Augusta. Jones is said to have told Dey he didn't like the way that putting style looked and shortly thereafter the ban took effect. It didn't keep Snead from putting that way he just went to side saddle.
  2. I didn't bother maintaining a handicap last year with Texas Golf Association since we are on the road with our travel trailer we don't spend that much time in Texas. I am thinking about renewing it this year. Are there any independent, if that is the word, handicap services out there that folks have used and would recommend?
  3. The nearby where I do most of my practice and playing has new ownership. They have added lights to the range, done a major upgrade on the clubhouse and several much needed repairs and upgrades to the course. One of the things they've added is a sound system on the practice range. They play a variety of music. The one song that seems to work into the rotation frequently is Mumford & Sons "I really f---ed it up this time". On one hand it might seem inappropriate to have the f word blasting out on a public speaker on the other it might fit the attitude of some golfers frustrated on the range with their practice. I could see it fitting on somebody's play list coming up 18 after a particularly bad round.
  4. I've been looking at putting a new set of clubs together. I was in the PGA Superstore last week hitting some different irons. Of the brands I tested, the sales guy said Mizuno, based on their experience, had the best shipping time on custom orders. Ping he said was at the bottom. A relative of mine that works for Titleist said they are at about 8 weeks for delivery. Everybody is having supply problems except for PXG, if you believe their ads.
  5. It almost 80 this afternoon in the Dallas area. I drove over to the local course to see if there was a chance I could get out. I wasn't all that surprised to see a full parking lot. In the pro shop, I was told I could go on the waiting list but it would be after 3 before I might get out. I opted for a bucket of range balls instead. As of 1 PM today they had already put out over 200 players. I told the shop guy I'd come back next Monday when the forecast high is only supposed to be 50 with a good north wind.
  6. I have a small coin pouch full of foreign coins. Canadian one and two dollar coins, some Mexican pesos of varying denominations and some coins from the UK left over from my trip to Scotland.
  7. Standard weather for DFW area this week. We peaked at a little over 80 yesterday. Today's high should is only around 60 with a good north wind.
  8. This day in 2005 was my last day on the job. I walked out the door at age 54 and never looked back. All these years down the road it was the right choice and life has been full of great adventures and experiences which have included many great and not so great courses.
  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a great day. I managed a round at the local 9 hole muni up here in the mountain country of eastern Oregon. Fortunately, I did not shoot my age(70) for that 9. I've been playing golf for almost 60 years and the game is more fun than ever. Thanks again.
  10. A friend of mine was singing the praises of this putter grip on Facebook. I've been thinking of experimenting with something different on my putter. Has anybody on the forum had any experience with these grips?
  11. The course near Dallas where I play quite often did away with the GPS on the carts. I am not sure if it was the cost, the device ran a lot of ads during the round, or the fact that more players were carrying their own devices. I'd go with my own rather than depend on the course to provide.
  12. I went to the less tapered grip as Headhunter suggested and that has helped me with grip pressure and reducing hand action in my swing. I bought a 7 wood recently and put a jumbo version of my current midsize grip on it. Hitting the club with that jumbo has me thinking about changing all the grips to that size.
  13. I switched from to a 17 loft Callaway XR a few years ago and it won't go away. A few months ago I found a Ping G5 7 wood with a Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue Stiff and it has knocked the 4 hybrid out of the bag. If I could find a 9 wood, the other hybrid would probably go into retirement as well.
  14. I dumped my 19 degree Steelhead Hybrid for a higher lofted wedge. I hadn't seen much of a distance gap between the Hybrid and the 17 degree fairway so I said goodbye. I came across a second hand Ping 7 wood at a store in Dallas and decided to give it a try in place of my 22 degree hybrid. So far it appears to be a keeper. It is easier to hit and and I can control trajectory easier with it than the hybrid. I've been going back and forth between my 20 year old Ping B60 and my sixties vintage Bullseye. Might be time to look and more recent technology in the putter realm.
  15. I am looking for cart that folds up pretty compact. We travel full time in our travel trailer and storage space is limited. As much as I'd like to just throw the clubs on my shoulder and head down the fairway that is not the reality these days. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  16. I saw that Riverside and Orange County were reopening. I haven't seen anything about San Diego County doing the same. I am hopeful they will follow suit. I may have to make the drive up to Temecula to get a round played.
  17. I downloaded the phone app after reading a suggestion that pictures were easier to upload from the phone. When I tried to login with my username and password I was told they were incorrect. I am not sure what the problem is as I used the same username and password used on the computer.
  18. I wear tri-focal progressives for my daily use. I can't swing the club while wearing them. I wear single vision transition lenses on the course. I can't read the scorecard very well but I can see the ball.
  19. It is a tossup for me between The Stadium Course at PGA West and Oakland Hills South. The last time I played Stadium on of my friends was in so many bunkers we started calling him Rommel. Oakland Hills had some of the fastest greens I have ever seen. Anything above the hole was a gut wrenching approach putt to get close.
  20. I am in the small town of Josephine about an hour northeast of downtown Dallas.
  21. Greetings, I finally got myself hooked up on the forum. If I can figure out how to downsize a photo, I will post one. I tried a couple today but both were to large. I have been at this game for over 50 years and had the privilege of playing a wide variety of famous and not so famous courses over the years. The GHIN says I am currently a 5 though I maintain my handicap is at has always been, between my ears.
  22. I grew up across the river from Sarnia. I used to play a lot of golf at a course called Wildwood near Bright's Grove and also up in Grand Bend. I think Wildwood was redone and renamed some years back. Welcome. I am also new to this board.
  23. The courses at Bandon Dunes would make the list. After walking Erin Hills all week at the US Open, I guess link style qualifies but it is so spread out that it is nothing like any links course I have played.
  24. I currently play the JPX850 FORGED so the 900 forged would work best for me. I currently am listed as a 5 and plenty of free time this summer to test these out.
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