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  1. You know the Old Story!! "Cheaters" only cheat themselves!! They have to look in the Mirror!! Trust The LPGA Players are on them!!
  2. As they say: Keep it Simple!! Forward Tees for Player's + 18HDCP or 75yrs. of Age Plus introduced Jan. 1st. 23023. All Other's "White Tees only" introduced for League Play Jan. 1st. 2023. Remember you are The Boss!!!
  3. Good Morning. While I look outside & see a lot of Snow!! Know I have to dig into your Stats. & do mine!! [ a good Winter project] The smartest thing that I did last year was move up on Tee's. [Understand that being Smart at my Age is an oxymoron!!] But, am now enjoying the game more. & my "overall" game has improved. I can Laff now. Keep Swinging Sport's Fans.
  4. You Folks are a way over my Head!! Got my 921 Hot Metal Pro Irons just over a Year ago. Got to say I'm just starting to feel comfortable with the Carry/Roll yardage I'm getting. So much so that feel they are helping me to WIN $$ off the Sandbaggers that I play wit, who for some reason have suggested I move on!! Simply; I'm playing better & I'm Happier!! Think I'll keep the 921's a couple of more years; then maybe....................
  5. Finally hit my JPX 921 HM Irons the way that gave me a Smile of Success. Only took me a year to do it!! Also, do & did like Raymond Floyd & Buy-In on his thought of 4 letter words. Especially now as have to say K.I.S.S.!! Cheers.
  6. K.I.S.S.; just have start doing this in my mind!! Forget the Pond, Forget The Forest & Just "Hit IT!!" & Go Ah Ching!, Ah Ching!!
  7. Got a Cleveland 7 W & am playing it real good!! Ditched all Hybirds & went with a "Rescue" Wood & 7W. Now if I could get my Driver to go on the Fwy. I definitely would be "Ticking Off" my Playing Partners!!
  8. True. kind of enjoy being "Old School" However, have to rely HRH & her use of "Greta; The Range Finder" now for Ydge. Kept it simple "in my own mind" as get ydge to Middle of Green & subtract/add 10 yds if Pin is Front/Back & 5yds if L Side/ R Side. Do not tell HRH this; but, mentally[we'll call it that] still check my distance from Red,Blue, Yellow Markers. Amazingly; still have a good time in my own mind!!
  9. Bingo!!! Been looking for something that will stop me from "Coming from Over The Top" ..... even took up Sailing!! Went back to Golf[ kind of hard to Sail on the Prairies] & do hit it decent but hit it "Less Than Long" because I started to SLICE with my Driver& 3 Wood again!! Fudge!!! Made Money when I hooked!! Nothing wrong with being a "Hooker"!!
  10. If you are playing up here in the "Rockies" you have to play Black Bull @ Pigeon Lake. Designed & Built by a Father & Son. & as you play 16[think] you will see a Dozer off to side of the Fairway where the Dad passed. Straight up it is a Hit'em Straight & Play Smart Golf Course. Not Pricey but worth the price of Admission!!
  11. The New Cleveland Driver has got me thinking. Had an Cleveland Hi Bore Driver 10.5o & could hit it!! Think HRH sold it on me. Hmmm!! Found an old Cleveland 7 wood with Hi Bore Head & had re-shafted this year like so much I put her 7 Wood back in her Bag. Maybe; that's why she did not sell it. Hmmm!! Got me thinking!!
  12. Got Cleveland 7W [like Head profile] re-shafted with a Senior Flex & so far, so good. For some strange reason find hitting this 7W better than was hitting 5Iron & 3 & 5 Hybirds had in my Bag. But, it is tough being a "Senior" as even now thinking about putting HRH on Waiver's!! Eventhough she can cook on occasion!!
  13. Since I'm older than Dirt!! Have been looking at Edison Wedges in 52o, 56o & 60o. Have to sharpen Short Game if I wish to play with Big Boy's!! I really do not like paying out!! & ain't telling them to check out Edison.
  14. For what it is worth> Is he seriously bent on Golf or does enjoy getting out with his Buds?? Since I'm just over his age & know within 2-3 yrs I'll have to look at SR. Flex & I have just moved to R Graphite Shafts as per Fitter's recommendation. Also, playing Back Tees are in the past; now. & but still think I'm a "Jock". [Too Funny!!]
  15. Driver & Woods Try for every 4 yrs. Irons every 5 yrs. Wedges every 3 yrs. , Putter lasts longer than Wife!! Probably, should cut a year off each. Kind of got Mindset to keep around as long as Buddies whine!! But, know requires a year to Warm-up, another to play Good & by 3rd year have stopped listening.!!
  16. Definitely going to play Tour Response this tear. Like TP5 so am thinking Tour Response could use some "Testing". b
  17. Riverboat. Got a Question?? What is reason you do not like to Putt with Srixon "SoftFeel" Ball or a "Soft Ball"?? Reason asking > If I do not Putt well; I do not Score!! & I Pay Out!! & I do not like to Pay Out; especially to the Young Dudes!! Thanks.
  18. 2022 Golf Season is going to be Old Time Rock n Roll! As now qualify for Super Senior's Tour. My Buds may even cut me from the Squad. Good News is that I'll be Out on a Day Pass!! Yippee!!
  19. More often if I need "Peace in The Valley" & my Head Phones on!!
  20. Do like PXG Clubs. Also, they are investing good "Dollars" into the Game. Both Male & Female; which is better than most. However; the way I whack & hack PXG are overpriced for me; even though they created a Market for many On Line Mfrs. Will not buy as On Line Market has become "price inflated"!! My Local Retailer will get my Business because it is personal.
  21. Air!! Goes In One Ear & Out the Other!! A 4 Letter Word that starts with F...!! Emotion That is Red in Colour!! Am certain you will be a Successful Short Story Writer!!
  22. Yes; Fittings should be Free if you do purchase thru Fitting Shop or Fitter providing you buy & their price is competitive in the Market Area &/or with "Off The Rack" Retailer. Like my Golf Shoppe because I trust in guidance & price. They are square, so it is personally important, I am Square with them!! Keep Smilin' Sports Fans!!
  23. Been Thinking about getting a 7W as have been thinking about. Stuffing my 5 I & replacing w/ 7W. Started hitting HRH's 7W last year >Real Good< Somehow a String was attached. Geez; always is HRH's!! Anyway going to 7W & a 5 HyBird!! Am now dreaming AH-Ching - AH-Ching with my fellow Fossil Friends!!
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