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  1. Unfortunately, if you are looking to get fitted and find out your true numbers, you need to find someone who is not trying to sell golf clubs to you. I just attended a fitting I gave my wife for Christmas at Club Champion for a full bag. To say it was a terrible experience and a disappointing one would be an understatement. The fitter was nice, but at no point did he ask her her goals; nor, did he check for the following items: Her height, club length, proper lie angle, lofts to measure for gaps in club distances, grip size or swing weight. How the hell do you measure or fit someone without those elements is beyond me. What they did do; however, is grab club heads and shafts and start telling her the differences in spin rates and distances with those and that is about it. And, I am being generous. I cannot for the life of me understand why Ledbetter and Hainey would put their reputations on the line for that company, except they must be getting paid a pretty penny for endorsements. Take my advice. Get a local PGA professional or club builder to fit you. I can assure you, you will be very happy whether you get the results you want or not, because you will save a few hundred dollars in the deal.
  2. Charles - Texas 61 Yrs old 9 Handicap Hogan FTX 5-P bent 2* strong, standard lie, Recoil 660 S Graphite.
  3. Just tried the Vice line of Golf Balls. Ordered the test packs for me to try the Vice Pro, Pro Soft, and Pro + and for my wife to try the Vice Tour and Drive. Currently, we both play Snell Balls, my wife plays the Get Sum and I play the MTB. Here is our take. My wife loved the Vice Tour and thought she got more action out of the Vice Tour than the Get Sum, but not much. She is a legitimate 10 or under handicap and is great with wedges and that is where she felt the Vice ball edged out the Get Sum. Considering the cost, she feels like the Snell Get Sum is the better deal;however, she is going to try a few rounds with the Vice Tour and the Get Sum and decide after that. I tried all three of the Vice balls, and the Pro + is the one I like best. But, I do not think it is as consistent as the MTB Snell and there is no cost advantage, so I intend to stay with Snell. I will say Vice's shipping is excellent and I do love the bright white cover. I played a few rounds with the Vice Pro and Pro Soft of the Vice line just to use the balls up and they performed pretty well, but I just cannot change from Snell when considered head to head objectively. One other thing, the Vice Pro Soft looks like the old style balata with no shiny finish and is very soft which affected my putting distance dramatically. I kept coming up short on all my putts and it took an extra effort to get the distance. I didn't get that from the Pro and Pro+ models.
  4. Handicap: 10 State: Texas Swing Speed Driver: 98-100 Driver Carry: 260 Model: F7+ (1st choice) or F7 Currently use Fly Z+ Stiff Shaft
  5. Hello. I am new, naturally, or I would not be writing this! As my profile user name indicates, I am a lifelong HoganFan, being from Texas and having toured the Hogan factory on numerous occasions and seeing Mr. Hogan there. I am excited to hear of their comeback and I think Terry Koehler will "do him proud!" I am in the Oil & Gas Industry and don't get to play as much as I used to, but manage to practice regularly. My wife; however, is a 7 day a weeker and single digit handicapper. Makes me sick! Member of two clubs, one in East Texas and one in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. I am an equipment nut that buys and sells just to "see" the new stuff and old stuff. But, I always go back to my Hogans. O'well! Thanks for reading and have fun on the links. Charles
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