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  1. Match days and week long passes are sold out... only practice still available
  2. Yeah I made good progress for a while.. now my virtual self has come to a halt.
  3. Straits is my favorite place we have attended PGA or USGA events.. excellent spectator venue in my opinion if you are a reasonably able bodied person. Lots of small hills and knolls to get a good vantage point... but the course is rather spread out so expect a LOT of walking.. bring good shoes... golf shoes preferred if you have them. Always fun to watch the unprepared ladies all dressed up in 6" heels and skirts trying to climb up a hill to get a better view.. lol..
  4. I am about 2/3 of the way through the line
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  6. This is one of the best testing opportunities I have seen. Having testers fitted by a qualified rep is outstanding. I have been fit for irons, putters, drivers, but never the top end of the bag and I really need to spend some time there! I golf 4-5x per week and would be happy to share my experiences with the fitting and testing! Pick me! Pick me! Tony Eau Claire, WI Driver SS - 96 Handicap - 5 i200 irons up to 6i only 26*, 22*, and 19* Ping G400 Hybrids 16* Ping G SFT fairway wood adjusted to 15* Right handed Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. I would love to test one of these out. I've had a G30 SFT and now a G400 SFT. I've used Ping's stock graphite shafts, tour graphite shafts, and now have a custom Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue in my current G400 SFT, so I have plenty of experience with the G series drivers... and would love to compare the new G410 to these. I also have a Skytrak I use in the garage about 3x per week over the winter months, which makes for a lot of fun testing new clubs against my current gamers, and would be willing to share that data with the group as well if I get to test one of these. Really hope to be considered to test one of these out! 1. Your first name and home state-US Only - Tony, Wisconsin 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed - 5hcp. Swing speed around 95mph 3. Your current driver - G400 SFT 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT - Would prefer the G410 Plus since I can move the weight for the amount of draw bias I need and would like to see if this helps dial in my draw preference better than the SFT. I would like just a smidge less draw help than the SFT provides so the Plus may be perfect here! But am also very familiar with the SFT since I've used the SFT in my last 2 Ping drivers, so would not have any issues testing the SFT and comparing performance to my G30 SFT and G400 SFT instead. Thanks for the opportunity MyGolfSpy!
  8. Your first name - Tony Your home state - WI Your current driver/shaft - Ping G400SFT, Mitsubishi C6 Blue shaft, Stiff Fit for driver - yes Would be great fun to test out this fitting/demo program and discuss results on this forum!
  9. Your first name: Tony Home state: WI Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping G400SFT, Mitsubishi C6 Blue, 50g, Stiff playing at D7. Current swing speed: 94-97mph
  10. Me Me Me!! I've tried several iterations of the Ping i Series irons, and have always loved them. Been looking at the i200s last time around, but not enough difference from the iE1 for me. Would love to see if the i210 have pushed the envelope just that little bit further! Happy to review these and answer any questions from the forum! Your first name - Tony Your home state/province/country - Wisconsin, USA Your handicap - 4 Your current irons set/shaft - Ping iE1, Nippon Modus 105 in stiff, standard length, U wedge through 5 iron. Your PING choice - i210 or i500 - i210 please! Looking forward to the opportunity!
  11. Wow, what an incredible opportunity.. as I get older, I find I'm losing just a touch of distance... would love to know if these can bring back a bit of what I'm losing... I'm typically on a lower trajectory guy, so also extremely curious if these pan out to be the higher launching, softer landing tools I'm looking for. I would really love the opportunity to test and report out on these! - Your first name - Tony - State/Province/Country - Wisconsin, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup Ping iE1, Modus Tour 105 in stiff, Red Dot, 5i-W Ping Glide 50, 56 (bent to 55), 60, Modus 105 Wedge shafts stiff, Red Dot but I just had them bent 1 degree more upright - Your 7-iron distance - 158-162 carry Fingers crossed!!
  12. Tried the Max vs other G400 models this spring at a PGA Tour Superstore... they weren't busy so I got to try a lot of options, the CB shafts, the Tour shafts... I even brought in my G30 with custom Mitsubishi C6 Blue shaft, and they allowed me to swap my shaft into the new G400 heads... There were some slight improvements over the G30, but head to head against each other the G400 series were all about the same for me... I think it really comes down to preferences and fittings. Go LST if you want to get as low spinning as possible. SFT if you are looking for more draw bias or to tame down a fade. G400 if you prefer the smaller head shape over the larger Max.. Max if your first priority is all forgiveness and you are less concerned about the size.. there's a head for everyone. I hit my G30 SFT great. With the shaft I was fitted for, it's a great match for me. I play 50g Mitsubishi C6 Blue, and have the heaviest weight I could find in my G30 SFT to bring it up to a D7 swing weight... it spins a tad more than I would like and if I could bring it down about 400 rpm it would be perfect... off center strikes can jump up to 3200-3400rpm which I don't like.. and lose a bit of distance. Of course we are only talking a few yards, but at a 3-4hcp, i'm trying to optimize as much as I can to get lower.. All the G400 praise about forgiveness and better sound had me wanting... so I found a deal on a used G400 SFT on the bay.. I wanted the draw bias, so I'm sticking with the SFT. The MAX also interested me, but I don't think it will be significantly more forgiving than the SFT, and want to keep the draw bias.. so willing to give up the minimial additional forgiveness knowing the SFT will still be a good bit more forgiving than the G30 SFT. Got the head this week. Hardest part for me with the SFT versions of the Ping drivers is the lower swingweight. They come at stock D1 rather than D3 like the rest of the series. I happened to have a bit heavier weight from a G400 hybrid I replaced and swapped out the stock weight. Between that and the lighter/longer custom shaft I have, I got it up to about D4, and used a little lead tape to make up the difference and get it to D7 until a new 18 gram weight arrives from Golf Works tomorrow. Had it on the course yesterday... and had the course to myself. I did about 3 hours of direct comparisons hitting 3 balls with the G400 SFT head, and 3 with the G30 SFT with my same shaft.. was great to be able to do that and make an informed decision on which performs better. My results were that both perform admiribly. I could game either. Over the three hours many of the shots were very very comparible... Similarities: Average distances appeared to be within 1-3 yards of each other Both allowed a horrible shot when a bad swing is put on it LOL.. Trajectory appeared similar Differences: The G30 SFT did balloon up just a tad into the wind, where the G400 SFT penetrated better. The G400 seemed to have less spin on off center strikes G400 was noticibly more forgiving on off center hits... higher face and heel strikes went further than similar strikes with the G30 I could put a draw on the G30 more often... The G400 wanted to go straighter (possibly due to the less spin or the weight position differences in the heads) Sound and feel extremely different. The G400 reminded me of the M1 driver, a dull thud.. I wasn't a fan at first, as I'm used to my G30, but the results I saw with the G400 will make that difference grow on my faster Comparing best shot to best shot, the G400 consistently had the longest drive of the groups I hit, and was usually between 5-10 yards longer than my longest G30 drive To validate my on course experience, I got on the SkyTrak today as well to get some dry testing numbers.. The SkyTrak session validated everything I noticed on course. Ball speeds almost identical.. within .5mph of each other, advantage to the G400 Launch angles, the G400 was almost 1 degree higher launching than the G30 G400 SFT spins a good deal less than the G30 SFT. 600 rpm less backspin with the G400 which was great to see, as it was the one thing I was hoping would be an improvement over the G30 Picked up 5 yards of carry with the G400 compared to the G30 and about 8 yards total distance G30 had about a 1 yard higher peak height.. likely due to increased spin The G400 SFT is not leaps and bounds better than my G30 SFT. I could game either quite happily to be honest. I actually prefer the feel of my G30 over the G400, which is certainly not the consensus reading through forums... I will need to give the G400 some time and see if I get used to the duller sound and different feel... Given the numbers though, and my on course experience.. the G400 SFT was more forgiving, gave me more potential for longer drives when well struck, spins less especailly into the wind, and I think cut a little sidespin as well.. and no mater how bad I thought I struck it on course when hitting several off the tee, they all ended up suprisingly close to each other. At this point I have no reason NOT to play the G400. A noticible improvement over the G30.
  13. Would love to demo this and provide feedback! First name: Tony Home State/Province/Country: Wisconsin, USA ​Do you use performance tracking?: Yes! I use a GameGolf today with a belt clip... and it's frustrating. Looking for a better option! Do you use a GPS watch?: No. I use a laser rangefinder, and GPS on my phone... would love to have just one device like this that does distances and tracking in one device Which ones?: I use GolfShot GPS on my phone, and have a Nexus NX7 Rangefinder with slope This sounds like an excellent all in one option...
  14. Well here goes! What a great opportunity... I would be honored to participate! First the required details: 1. Tony Brown, from Wisconsin, USA ​2. Current handicap is 4. Swing speed is 93-96 mph 3. My current driver is a Ping G30 SFT, neutral 10 degree setting, with a Mitsubishi C6 Blue shaft in Stiff @ 45.25", weighing in at D8. 4. nFlight puts me into a G400 SFT, with Alta CB 55g Stiff shaft at the neutral 10 degree setting... I currently play my G30 SFT at D8, so would love to have the G400 demo swing weighted to close to that as well for consistency in comparing to my G30 SFT I'd love to try out the G400 version of the SFT head with Alta CB shaft, and compare against my G30 SFT gamer. My only complaint with the G30 SFT is the spin can get a little higher than I would like, but not severe enough to make me switch... yet! If the G400 SFT can knock a few hundred RPM of spin off for me, it would be perfect. I have a SkyTrak I use regularly, and play 5x per week as well... I feel I could provide some valuable feedback as well as some comparisons with the data I can get from my SkyTrak using not only the G400/Alta CB but compare with my gamer shaft as well on the G400 head. Sure, the SkyTrak is not a GC Quad, but it provides reasonably accurate data for comparison purposes. Here's hoping to get the chance to test and provide feedback!
  15. Tony from Wisconsin Ping G30 SfTec with Ping tour 80g shaft, stiff Swing speed 97, ave distance 235-240 carry Twitter-@tonybrown32 Facebook-Tony Brown Instagram-@tonybrown32 Android Samsung Note 5
  16. Tony Wisconsin 3 hcp Ping iE1 and G combo JPX 900 forged Played the JPX 800 forged in the past and loved them. Would love to compare these to my current gamers, my G30s and my old 800s.
  17. Tony from Wisconsin Edel E1 Torque balanced Huntington Beach #10 Love my Edel, but the #10 looks so good, and has the exact same alignment lines (2 lines in the back) as what I was fitted for with my Edel, so it should be an excellent comparison!
  18. Thank you MyGolfSpy for this wonderful opportunity.. even if not chosen to participate, I look forward to the testing information provided by the testers. First Name - Tony Home State/Province/Country - Wisconsin, USA Current Handicap - 3 hcp Current Iron Set - Ping G30 Although I am pleased with my Ping G30 irons, I have been looking hard at the i200 series. I am looking for a bit more control and workability in a very forgiving package, and the i200 irons are being marketed as just that. I would very much like the opportunity to review these, provide feedback, and answer any question from other members. I am also VERY interested to see how these stack up against the G30 irons in the forgiveness category. The G30s are very forgiving. I find it very hard to find good user comparisons between any of the game improvement irons and the i200s, since the fit different markets (GI vs Players irons). Ping states the MOI/forgiveness of the i200 irons matches that of earlier model G series game improvement irons, so I am really hoping a reviewer can provide that type of comparison to see how these truly stack up to the GI market. I would also love to use some data to put these to the test against other irons using my Ernest Sports ES14. I play 5x per week and practice in between, and feel I can provide a very well written and comprehensive review. I also attend several demo days offered in my town through the summer, but rarely is there a PING vendor with any offerings for head to head comparisons, so reviewing these would be a very enjoyable experience, especially during a demo day where I can do some additional comparisons. I would enjoy testing these, even if they needed to be returned! Thank you, Tony
  19. Would love to try these... I have a whole Ping bag, glide wedges and g30 irons. Played the Eye2 wedges in the past as well, and am a big fan of the eye grind.. Tony Eau Claire, WI Short game is solid. Generally use my 56 with a high bounce for chipping. 40-50 yard pitches usually the 60 degree comes out, and enjoy using a little higher bounce wedge even in the 60.. 50 degree for the bump and runs and a lot of 3/4 and full shots.. my bump and run game needs a bit of help, and would appreciate a little more spin on the check up chips and pitches.. Hope I get the chance, to help with these.. Tony
  20. Tony Eau Claire, WI 3 hcp Currently use Game Golf Live. I have also tried the game golf tags with the cell phone app using NFC, and have an Arrcos Driver as well, which I also Beta tested for Arccos.. I have also simply manually tracked clubs with no tags using the free game golf app, swing by swing caddie subscription, and the GolfShot app. Still no perfect solutions that I have come across, but Game Golf Live so far seems to have been the most reliable and hassle free, especially when editing during the round. Would love to give this one a shot compared to all the rest I have tried! Tony
  21. Nothing has been able to kick the Edel E1 Torque balanced out of the bag but this looks very promising. I would love to test and review one of these! rounds I play annually - 90-100 nine hole rounds Your current handicap - 3 Your Current Putter - Edel E-1 Torque balanced
  22. Would love to test the carry bag. Tony from Wisconsin I always walk, using my clicgear pushcart I have been using the Nike hybrid carry bag for years since it was called the Sasquatch bag.. love it but its a tad heavy. looking for a lighter option.
  23. Would love to review/test against my trusty clicgear.. I can count the number of times I ride a cart on one hand each summer. I only ride when we play an all day golf rate, and go 36+ holes, or when required in a a scramble. Tony from Wisconsin I walk easily 90+ nine hole rounds each year
  24. I would love to review these and provide some great feedback! I golf about 5 days a week and would really enjoy comparing these to my G30s First name - Tony Home state/province - Wisconsin Current handicap - 5.5
  25. The XR/XR Pro line has been on my list for a long time.. hit them at a demo day and loved them but had any opportunity to put them in play or compare to my 915D2 or G30 SF. Would love to put them head to head on my ES14 and use the fitting app and post results... would be great fun! Tony Brown HCP 5 Current gamer Ping G30 SF with Ping tour 80 shaft stiff flex Driver swing speed 98-103
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