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  1. Always loved Adams equipment especially hybrids and irons. Hoping they still make high quality gear. I remember a few years back I was gaming the insight xtd3 irons and loved em. Fact wish I still had em sometimes when I struggle with the C100s. lol
  2. Have you tried hitting an Adams A12OS hybrid? They really are an easy club to hit and great off the deck but looking at your hdcp you're probably better suited for a driving iron like the fg v4 utility from wilson staff.
  3. Easily one of my all time favorite drivers.
  4. I found this sweet 12° for pennies on the bay. I sold my old 290 back in 12' and missed how sweet it was....
  5. 16 but don't tell my playing partners loll. No I'll normally drop the 5 hybrid and 58° to make 14 but when it's just for fun I like to tinker.
  6. I ditched the K15 for the Launcher 290. Cash money with the Miyazaki C Kua shaft.
  7. A nice blend of new school and still a few old school tools...
  8. Awesome it looks like I need to try their new offerings. I like to get old stock that is new on the bay for cheap but the new duo spin and the hogan edge will definitely be on my radar. Funny thing is I found a duo someone lost in the woods left while looking for an expensive bridgstone Bridgestone and put it in play and loved it more so I said forget the Bridgestones. loll why pay extra for a lesser ball.
  9. The 12* SL 290 is a freaking monster. Way better than the K15 and I love both drivers.
  10. I retooled my entire bag in 2014 with the exception of my ancient but tried and true Maxfli Goliath 3 wood. I can't seem to get rid of it. Definitely my go to when the going gets rough. Just bought a couple dozen Duo Spins so I'm ready to go. All of my newer gear I bought on the bay and as you can see in my signature it's not all from 2014 but it was all new "old stock" with just shop wear. The C100s I custom ordered from Wilson Staff. And I just got a brand new "2011" Cleveland SL Launcher 290 with a Miyazaki stiff flex shaft......I love this driver man.
  11. I love the rip phenoms but was curious to see something like the studios or recoils in them. Do you get a better ball flight with the studios and have you tried the rip phenoms??? I love the Aldilas is why I ask and can't imagine there's a better graphite shaft out there that would be better paired with the C100s.
  12. I like your irons revkev and I play a straight ball, cut and draw....just not always on purpose lol. But yeah the C100s are freaking easy to game. I went with the stock Aldila Rip phenoms though. Did you custom order your shafts and did Wilson put them in or are they aftermaket shafts bro?
  13. I love the Duo and just picked up a dozen elite 50s for pennies on the bay. Wilson Staff balls feel really soft especially the duo with a 40 compression they really are the softest on the market. It's weird to think that with a 2 piece surlyn ball but they are as advertised. The duos are my gamers but I'm going to be testing out the 50s this week in a side by side. I've heard they are very similar the only difference is the duo feels a little softer and you get better action on the greens with the short game...chipping and putti g.
  14. Wow that Nexus has been out for a while bro. You just saw it??
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