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  1. Coming from CDA to Portland then south. I'll be sure and wave! You play in OR at all? Rained out? Or strictly family Holiday stuff?
  2. Wish I did not see this thread. Those Hogan hybrids are among the best IMO. Now I will scour ebay endlessly. Thanks A LOT! lol..
  3. Yeah really like the S55's.. Wouldn't doubt if they're last iron heads I ever own.
  4. No those are from someone else. Not sure if appropriate to say who. Will passing thru Kennewick again tomorrow., Always feel I'm gonna miss my turns going thru there. Wish me luck!
  5. Lazy Christmas Day so thought I'd put up some pics. A witb like I did in another forum. Titleist 915d3 diamana blue stiff Callaway RAZR Xtreme Fit Stock Trinity stiff Taylormade VSteel 5 wood stock steel stiff Ping i20 20, 23 hybrids. Project X 5.5 Ping S55 irons 4-PW CFS stiff Orange dot Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges. 50, 52, 54, 58 bent 3 flat Ping Anser 2 becu, Odyssey Tri Hot #3, Ping Anser, Odyssey White Hot Center Shafted and a few others------putters vary depending on mood. What?????lol... Really happy with the set up. As mentioned before, totally re did my bag this past year after playing very old clubs (but good clubs I thought) for many years. Hope you're all having a Merry Christmas!
  6. Generally I carry 50, 54, 58. Like many say depends on the course. It all comes down to if I want my 5 wood in the bag along with my 20 and 23 degree hybrids. If I feel the need for the 5 wood in the bag the 50 and 54 stay home and I add the 52. Only constant is the 58. On a side note, or perhaps exposing some sort of phobia or inability I have, I could never become truly comfortable with the 60 degree wedge. Have tried a number of times but it's just too much loft for me be effective consistently. So when I see guys with 62 or 64's in the bag I'm mesmerized. I think if I were to try a 64 degree wedge I'd fear a botched self imposed nose job.
  7. Lompoc. La Purisima there is a fantastic track. Played it only once passing thru and still have vivid memories of a few holes there.
  8. I played today with longtime friend and with the 915d3. Right now I like the 913 I'm borrowing better but I just took the 915 on the course, no range balls. So not 'dialed in' as they say yet. The 915 just felt mushier to me than the 913 which has to be rubbish. I don't generate enough club head speed to really make that call. Think it's just psychological. But no doubt in my opinion the 915 is a better looking club than 913. Just sexier lines like a corvette to a mustang if that makes sense. Stu! You'll recognize my bag probably when I post my grainy pics.
  9. No worries. But did you know you could make $3400 a month from home following these 3 easy steps?? Anyhow, after trying out the 913d3 driver (a friends)I decided to purchase the 915d3 with the blue Diamana. It arrived today so kinda excited to hit it. But we had rain in CA so the entire state is in a panic which shut down a few golf courses so couldn't hit it today., so hopefully I finally have a complete bag. Will post some pics in a different thread after looking around the site. Almost feels silly posting pics of new toys but gotta admit kinda excited having new sticks after so long with same ones especially since I began rebuilding my set up about 6 months ago.
  10. Nope. Color code of my Pings. Although recently sent them on field trip to Phoenix to change to orange dot. Im getting shorter with age maybe. Thanks for all the welcomes!
  11. Haha... Dunno Westy. Must have been some sort of glitch or something but after a few weeks I guess, I was finally approved. Perhaps my wedge grooves were suspicious at first sight.
  12. Just drove thru Kennewick. Every time (think 4 or 5 times now) I drive thru that area I have a hell of a time hooking back up with freeway on other side of Tri Cities whether going north or south. I'm live in CDA so yeah bout 150 or 170 from you, not sure. Thanks for the welcome!
  13. So you guys let me in eh? lol.. Had trouble getting into this site. Had to be validated or something. I'm 49, been playing this silly game since age 11 having played competitive thru college. Since that time played off and on, but in the past year have really really gotten back into golf having kicked out old clubs that had been with me forever into new sticks which I'll post pics up of soon. So anyway, hello from Idaho although not there at the moment. In So Cal visiting and have squeezed in a few rounds of golf while here. Look forward to gaining knowledge about equipment, courses, golf tips of all kinds and hopefully a few laughs along the way.
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