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  1. Here is the custom AF1s. I haven’t got the golf kicks in the mail yet. I went with the neon red spikes. These look way better than I imagined.
  2. I love Travis Mathew polos. But yes I even feel like Nike, ADIDAS, and UA are getting out of my comfort zone in price range. I’m and a huge clearance vulture. Huge fan of Nordstrom’s Rack App, and Scheels clearance rack. I’m also huge on feel of material, that’s where the premium brands get me.
  3. To be honest, I think most of it is in your swing and in your head. I have shot 35 in spikes and a 37 in flip flops. I know that might shock some of you that a club would allow flip flops. I personally like flops because the force be to slow down my swing. If I swing too hard, well you can imagine. I have also played in an amateur tournament and and shot an 87. However if your SS is 110+ you might wanna get some grips. When I’m comfy I play better. It’s all mental. You do you and do what makes you hit more fairways and greens.
  4. Just made two purchases. Frist was a SuperStroke Wrist lock grip, came today and installing tomorrow, hoping for good weather to try out tomorrow afternoon. Second, i say cautiously, I bought a pair Air Force 1 lows, having a buddy do custom paint job to them and finally going to put a set of Golfkicks on them. super excited for these.
  5. The would be amazing Handicap & Location 10.2, Rock Valley, IA Social Media: Twitter: @coachjudge Instagram: coach_judge Rounds: Easily 24, (18 holes) could get up to 40+ Current OEMs: Callaway (Driver & Irons) Ping (3W), Tour Edge (3H), Cleveland (Wedges), Titleist (Putter) Dream Bag: Right Handed Speedzone Driver Yellow - 10.5, Stiff, HZRDUS Smoke Yellow King Speedzone Fairway Yellow - 3F, Stiff King Speedzone Hybrid Stock - 3 Degree Stiff King Speedzone Irons, 4-PW KBS Steel shafts +1/2" King Black Wedges: 50, 54, 58 Classic Grind
  6. Oh boy, this topic always heats up the forums. I always finds it interesting how this topics and a few others always puts a divide between us all (shorts anyone?). I think we can all agree that we all have a passion for golf, that is why we gather here. I think we can all agree that want golf to continue to to grow. One way to do this is to loosen the stiff traditional rules here. As a golf coach I always preach to the kids how much similarities there with golf and life. There seems to be no compromises any more. You are either in one party or the other. Why can't you have music on the course? If the group is okay with it and makes the experience more fun than do it! But be respectful of your environment, the next three fairways don't need to join your conversation or party. we should be trying to reach to a new generation of golfer, not shut them out. That will kill this industry faster than than blue drivers and orange pants. During a casual round at my course I be perfectly accepted when I am golfing in my cargo shorts, basketball jersey, flip flops, and respectfully listening to Skynyrd on the bluetooth speaker at 20% volume. But if you ask me to join your three some I am more than willing to put on my polo, khakis, golf shoes and leave the blue tooth in the locker room. I just want a good round with good company.
  7. First name, home state/province/country Your current driver, current shaft and current flex Swing speed and average carry Levi, Iowa Taylormade M1, Mitsubishi Kruo Kage Silver 60. Stiff Flex 105-108, 260-275 carry
  8. Thanks guys for your input. I like the two day stroke play tournament idea. I'm thinking using the first day for flighting and then the second day for placing. Having a senior, championship, and a few other flights would work for our club. Then what we will do is use the overall finishing places will be used to determine who will make it to our Ryder Cup Team, We play our neighboring course and it can be a lot of fun. My biggest goal is participation and fun. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Hello everyone! Our course is talking about switching up our club championship. I am looking to you guys for advice and insight on how you guys play your club championship. Our current format is that we play 15 weeks of league and based on our handicaps, everyone is separated into flights, championship, 1st, 2nd, 3rd....so on. Once the brackets are set, The first through eleventh flights will use the week's individual league score to determine who moves on in the bracket. Finally, the flight champion is decided by a nine hole match play match. The champions bracket is all played out with each player playing match play matches to get to the championship. The final two players will play a 18 hole match play match to determine the winner. One group wants to keep it the same and another group wants a stroke play tournament. I like the feel of a one/two day stroke play tournament where everyone can watch the tournament unfold. That's my thought and I am just one guy in the clubhouse. I would like some ideas to bring to the men's committee on different formats that might work for our course. Thanks in advance! So, How do you guys determine your club champion? Do you like it? What would you suggest? Match Play? Stroke Play?
  10. I am looking at my which is covered by a massive 6 foot drift. I will be shocked if the mountains will be gone by mid April. I am lucky being the golf coach here, so I can at least get the clubs out in March and swing them in the gym. I looking for places "down south" to take a pre-season golf trip. Any suggestions? I will be looking any where between Omaha and Kansas City, further if needed.
  11. I have been hitting the Exotics CG6. I love the distances and ease of use. I believe it was this sight and a fellow reader were I heard about this club.
  12. Merry Christmas from the always lovely Iowa coast. Ha, just kidding. Only 3 inches of snow dropping on the same day I got a new driver. Going to be a long winter! Thank goodness for Golf Addiction.
  13. This is the year that I will be getting a new "New" driver and a set of new "new" irons. Up until now I have just bought used drivers that are 2-3 years old. It's the same for my irons. I have had two sets and both are hand me downs. I am currently a free agent. I'm willing to get anything that feels nice and is consistent. However, the worst part of getting clubs for Christmas is that I have to wait 4 months to play. I am excited for the new set up, whatever it may be!
  14. I did not. I was on such a cloud of hiting the M1, that I didn't even think about it until I was almost home. I even had my bag in the trunk!!!
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