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  1. Has anyone tried the wedges they make? I like the fact that the cbpros wedges have super high bounce its what I need. Does anyone know about the spin the wedges that they make produce?
  2. Looks like based on Tour Edge's twitter a new wood is coming and it looks awesome and it looks adjustable?
  3. these look very nice. high quality. very impressed
  4. Those shafts are pretty nice!!! Probably got a good price on the iron set aye?
  5. true but it always makes me nervous to buy from eBay
  6. what is his opinion on replacing a driver with a strong 3 wood lets say 12-13 degrees.
  7. I am all about the milled putters. Softer the feel the better
  8. I have played Tour Edge clubs throughout the past few years and loved them. I never know really they made putters until I saw a screen-shot someone posted somewhere else of a tweet they did. From a visual standpoint they look great. I guess the line of tour edge clubs isn't full in all stores because I have never noticed the DG putter and never really been on the Tour Edge website. But boy oh boy am I paying attention now that puppy looks pretty mint. Anyone ever tried/own one? Just curious because they look nice and are not priced bad. Here is a screenshot of their screenshot. HA
  9. I have been playing the Exotics XCG4 irons for a while and I love the irons! I would encourage anyone to try any exotics irons out you will not be disappointed!
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