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  1. Where can I find torque wrench for the j715 driver? Is there any other wrenches that will work with Bridgestone woods
  2. I'm looking for some feedback on a company called Proseriesgolf. They are selling a TaylorMade SpeedBlade clone head called Heater BMT II. This head has a polymer insert like the speedblade and I'm interested in its performance.
  3. I matched it to a Mizuno MD titanium 15 deg. head and kept the shaft at 44.5". I'm second guessing the shaft length I played it at last summer now that I am cabin bound by the winter up here. I'm thinking of cutting it down to 43.5" with my mindset being that I don't really need a 3 wood that competes with my driver (TaylorMade R1 Aldila Rip 55g S flex 46"). In hindsight I would be happy to give up the extra 10 or 15 yards for better control. I'm also thinking of re-shafting my TaylorMade R1 head with the Harrison Striper 60 if I can find another one on the internet. My thinking being that I like the feel of a heavier shaft 63g verses the 55g of the Aldila Rip and will play this club at 45".
  4. I've been out of golf and club making for 8 years and started playing and building clubs again in 2114. I had a lot of old shafts from the past laying around my basement and I put together a 3 wood using a Harrison striper tour 60 shaft. Wow, is all I can say I started hitting this 3 wood past my driver (250+). Does anyone out there have real time experience with Harrison shafts?
  5. I'm new to all of this and I don't really know there this is going. I just join the forum and will have to learn the in and out the hard way.
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