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  1. Your name - Greg Your handicap - 12.4 ​Your current driver/shaft - Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Z 50 with Regular flex Your current driver swing speed - 97mph
  2. Name - Greg State Massachusetts Handicap - 11.4 Current Ball - Bridgestone B330-RX Rounds - 15-18
  3. Name - Greg Swing speed - 97mph Current Driver - Nike Vapor Speed Shaft flex - Stiff Shaft Make - Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki
  4. Name - Greg - Massachusetts Current Irons -Fourteen TC-910 Handicap - 11.4
  5. Greg - Massachusetts Current Driver - Nike Vapor Speed Shaft - Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Flex - Regular Swing Speed - 98 Carry - 235 Would love to try the newest Nike technology!
  6. First name - Greg State - Massachusetts Handicap - 10.9 Current Long Iron - Fourteen Golf 3 and 4 iron (Dynamic Gold S300 shaft) Current hybrid - Adams Super 9031 18* and 23* (Diamana stiff flex shafts) I would love to try this out since i am unable to hit any hybrid consistently. I either top or slice them.
  7. Hi All, After 2 years of being a registered user and not posting, I figure I might as well say hello to the great group here who have a passion for the game of golf as I do. I picked up the game of golf in my early 20's after a childhood spent playing baseball and hockey. My first set of irons were actually female clubs, vintage Wilson Laura Baugh irons. I didn't know if I was going to like the golf so I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I played for a bit with those irons and moved up to another older set, these irons from Tommy Aaron. My initial foray into golfing to a break as life got in the way...wife, kids, work, etc. Little did I know that my short break would end up being close to 20 years! Fast forward to 2014 and the guys from work were talking about going golfing and asked me if I golfed? I told them that I hadn't in about 20 years but since the kids were older that I was definitely interested. Later that day i contacted a friend of mine in the golf business and asked him to hook me up with clubs, a bag, and shoes at an affordable price. $200 got me set a set of King Cobra irons, Nike VRS drive, and Nike shoes. I went out with the guys shortly after and hacked and slashed my way to a final score of 115! I didn't care about the score....i was back and I was hooked! Since that day my love for the game has grown more and more. Being from Massachusetts I have to suffer through long, cold winters but once the weather turns you will find me on the course a minimum of 4 days a week. I joined a club this year to keep down costs and also got a junior membership for my 12 year old. There is nobody that I'd rather be on the course with than him. Sorry for the long post. I just wanted to give a little background on my golfing history. I must also confess that I do have a problem....I have an addiction to buying golf clubs! New or old I don't care. I just love trying them out, hitting them, and comparing them. It probably holds my game back a little as I'm constantly switching drivers but it's just so much fun! I know from reading the post on here that I am not the only one with this problem..haha! Greg
  8. Greg from Quincy, MA Current Handicap - 12 Current Irons/Shafts - Fourteen TC-910 with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Custom Fit - No, purchased used but had the lie angles adjusted by fitter
  9. Greg Smith - Massachusetts Current Putter - Nike Method MC01
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