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  1. I hit this on trackman and the spin was SUPER low and it wasn't launching high enough for me with the stock rogue. The fitter but the Bassara in it and OMG is it a cannon spinning at around 2,600 and tight dispersion. I am surprised by the distance being a smaller more compact head and the FEEL is amazing. The best part of the whole club is the look at address though. With all of that being said I am trying to find a reason not to pull the trigger but does anyone have any other combination with the E8 beta shaft wise to try. Any thoughts in general on the club? thanks!
  2. Tour Edge Exoitcs has the silver and black rogue stock. $299.99 in the E8 beta fwy and $399.99 E8 beta driver
  3. Very Very good looking putters excellent skills and craftsmanship
  4. I have always checked this site out and read the articles but never contributed. I decided I probably should as I cam a club junkie and could contribute a little! Hope to meet some bad ass golfers here!
  5. I recently had the chance to demo the new TEE E8 irons. The look has certainly changed from the typical forgiving irons developed by Tour Edge. They used to be fat and big but these are very similar in cavity and sole size to my cobra amp cell irons. I wasn't able to see any numbers as I just hit them on the driving range. They felt pretty damn good. If you get a chance to try these I would recommend it and I would be curious to see numbers produced from the irons.
  6. looks very nice. I will be trying one very soon. It will be interesting to compare it to the other wedges I own in terms of feel and spin
  7. I am looking forward to trying the new Exotics E8 irons. I have read up on the irons seem to have some new technology in them that will give me an easier launch. I am also interested in trying the Tmade RSi irons why? Well because I simply am a Tmade junkie. lol
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