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  1. They are in process of building a massive new golf galaxy store in Columbus, Ohio. This is to replace a current store across the street from the new store.
  2. Those Titleist irons are beautiful. I wish I had the swing speed for those.
  3. Thank you. I agree with you but never could roll the ball well with it. Kind of a shame.
  4. I am looking to part with my Bettinardi putter unfortunately. I am a straight back straight through putter type guy. I have had this putter for two years and maybe played 10 rounds with it. I will undoubtedly purchase more golf stuff with proceeds from the sale. This one would be a custom job from Bettinardi so it is a rare one. This one is exact of what Brian Gay was using at the time it was built. I am not looking to trade for anything currently. The proceeds will most likely go towards a fitting and new irons for this year. Please contact me with any questions you have about the putter. 3 degrees loft and 34.5 inches with super stroke 2.0 black and white grip. Price is 450 shipped to CONUS. Brentm08@gmail.com is my paypal address. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. I saw a lot of rules and draconian behavior on wrx too. Hope you sell all your goodies.
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