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  1. I think I will be a good choice for a tester. Currently in the market to replace the old net in my garage which has taken a beaten over the years. I have SkyTrak that I used so I do swing my clubs almost every day during the winter. This net interest me because I would be interested to have something portable that I can also use outside when it a little bit warmer First Name/City State: Juan from Middletown, New York Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net: Yes, one inside the garage and one outside. Looking for portable to replace BOTH Do you use any sort of LM with one: Yes. Currently using a SkyTrak Instagram: juanayalagolf
  2. 1. Juan / New York 2. IZOD 3. Worst rain you've ever played in was back in 2006 at Stony Ford in Orange County, NY. It was coming down hard&fast and the greens were flooded. For a 12 foot putt, I had to smack like it a 60 foot putt and I still came up short. Even though the horn sounded, we played as a deciding match in our summer league and neither one of us wanted the match. Of course, when we got back to clubhouse, we were drenched. Our rain gear was only so good. I would love to test this new rain gear from Galway Bay
  3. My name is Juan Ayala, Middletown, NY USA My handicap is 11.9 Currently using Garmin Approach S20 and have used SkyGolf GameTracker in the past As an Application Developer and Tech Guru, I'm very tech savvy especially when it comes to my golf game. I believe I would make an excellent tester Thank you, Juan
  4. Juan Ayala Middletown, New York Current Handicap: 11.7 My Dream Bag Srixon Z 565 DRIVER Srixon Z F45 FAIRWAY Srixon Z 355 HYBRID (19 degree) Srixon Z U45 (4 Iron \ 23 degree) Srixon Z 565 IRONS (5 iron to PW) Cleveland RTX-3 BLACK SATIN (50, 54, 58) Cleveland TFI 2135 CERO 34" Srizon ZStar XV Tour Yellow
  5. Juan Ayala Middletown, NY Current handicap: 12 Loft 1: 17 degrees Loft 2: 21 degrees
  6. Juan Middletown, New York Wilson Staff Vizor Level 2 M3 Putter MLA Tour Series Putter Common miss is short
  7. This is perfect timing as I currently in the market to upgrade my irons this year and I would love to try out these Mizuno First name and home town Juan Ayala, Middletown, New York Handicap 12.7 Current irons/shafts Callaway Razr X Black / Stiff Custom Fit – yes or no yes 1/2 inch longer Thank you, Juan
  8. Juan Ayala - Middletown, NY Current Putter: Wilson Golf- Staff Vizor Level 2 Putter M2 I've recently pick up this putter based on your review. Keep up the good work
  9. Your handicap - 13.8 What grip you are currently playing - Standard Callaway Grip How often you regrip your clubs - Not often because I'm constantly purchasing new clubs almost every year or two. I practically never regrip my clubs Why you would be an awesome grip tester - I'm going into my third year with my much love Callaway Razr X Black Irons and I need to regrip them now. Since I'm very new to aftermarket grips. This will be a new experience for me and I have no preferrence to any particular style, feel or brand Thank you for your consideration, Juan Ayala
  10. I'm definitely interested. I used Srixon in 2013 but switch to Callaway Chrome+ Yellow Handicap - 13.8 Driver SS - 105 - 110 Current Ball - Callaway HEX Chrome+ Yellow
  11. I'm very interested in testing the Paderson. I have access to launch monitor and a FULL GOLF simulator. I've always have stuck with stock shaft but feel in order for my game to break to next level. I need to start experimenting and testing shafts from companies like yours. I'm a 12 handicap and compete in multiple amateur tour events every year. As an Application Developer by trade, I'm very number focus especially when it comes to my golf game. Hence, any reports back from me would be very detailed Drive & 3 Wood: Callaway Razr Extreme Fit
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