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  1. 1. Scott, Colorado 2. 6.0 Index and 100 mph driver swing speed 3. Currently playing a G400 LST, 10 degrees (turned down to 9), Ping Tour 65 stiff shaft playing at 45" and D4 swingweight (with z cord grip) 4. I'd prefer to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero. Thanks!
  2. 1. My name is Scott and I live in Colorado. 2. My current USGA handicap is a 6.0 and at my last fitting, my driver swing speed was between 100 and 102 mph. 3. My current driver is the Ping G400 LST. I've played every Ping driver since the G30. I still have my G and G400 drivers, and I'd love to do a direct comparison of those to the G410 Plus in my review if chosen. 4. I'd prefer to review the G410 Plus. Thanks!
  3. 1. Scott/Colorado 2. Zero Restriction Gore-tex rain jacket and footjoy rain pants 3. Firestone Country Club. It was raining so hard that by the time we finished, rain was pooling on the greens. We got done just before they called the round.
  4. My name is Scott. I live in Denver, Colorado. My current GHIN Index is a 3.5. I am currently playing Ping i200 irons (4-U), green dot, 1/2" long, Modus 105 stiff shafts, Ping ID8 Cord grips (white). I've been looking at the i210 and i500 since they came out. I think the best set for me would be a combo set: 7-U in the i210 and 4-6 in the i500. I currently get some gap compression in my i200 set at the low end and the higher launch and higher ball speed of the i500 irons should help alleviate that, ​ Thanks to Ping and Mygolfspy for the opportunity!
  5. Scott, Colorado 38, 4.2 index Ping I200, Modus 105 stiff, 1/2" long, 2 degrees upright, 4 iron through gap wedge.
  6. Great test opportunity. I read the blog entry on the putters and I'm really intrigued. According to GHIN, I've posted 66 scores in the last twelve months. We don't get to post in the winter--but there are usually a few days a month where there is no snow on the ground and temps are in the 40s or 50s. So I'd say my annual rounds are between 80 and 90. My current GHIN index is a 7.0 I'm currently putting with a custom fitted Edel putter
  7. My name is Scott Wilkinson. I'm from Denver, CO and my current handicap index is a 6.7. My dream Srixon/Cleveland bag would be: Z765 Driver ZF65 Fairway (15 degree) ZH65 hybrids (lofts fit to optimize distance gapping between longest iron--typically a 5--and 3 wood) Blended set of Z565 and Z765 irons (break per fitting, but likely Z565 5-7 irons and Z765 8-9 irons) RTX 3 Tour Raw Wedges (46, 50, 54, 58) TFI RHO Putter (35", Superstroke square grip) Srixon Z-Star Pure White golf ball Z-Four Stand bag in Camo (post didn't ask, but what a sweet looking bag!) Normally I'd put in what shafts, loft, length, wedge bounce, etc. I think I would like from the driver on down. But that's kind of the opposite of the point here. The biggest benefit of a tour-level fitting is the ability to go in with a completely clean slate and trust the fitters to give you the best equipment to help you play your best. I'm particularly excited about the possibility to have someone help me with that troublesome gapping area between my longest irons and my three wood (I'd even consider playing a higher lofted fairway if it made my gapping better). Bottom line, I'm willing to show up and hit anything and everything they put in my hand until the fitter is satisfied that it is as good as it's going to get. I know the post didn't ask for it, but I'd love to share my experience with my fellow mygolfspy readers if chosen. I've been fortunate enough to go through a partial fitting (driver and fairway) at another manufacturer's facility in Carlsbad several years ago. Though those clubs are no longer in my bag, the experience was awesome. I can only imagine what a full bag fitting would be like and, better yet for a gearhead like me, the opportunity to have a tech talk to learn more about what goes into the design of the Clubs. Very exciting opportunity (and one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of experiences).
  8. To Ben Hogan and MyGolfSpy--thanks for the opportunity! My name is Scott--I'm from Denver, Colorado and my current index is a 6.4. I'm currently gaming RSI 2 Irons and Scor wedges. I went through the fitting process on the Hogan website. My full bag fitting results are below. Thanks!
  9. I went on to the hogan website and went through the HoganFit process. Very easy process to complete. My only misgivings come from the fact that I have always been physically fit to my iron specs in a green-grass location where my pro and I can both observe the ball flight and adjust accordingly. If the process can accurately translate the information from my prior fittings to a "prescription" for new irons, it's pretty slick. My HoganFit prescription was as follows: I'm currently an 8.6 handicap (tranding to a 7.4 next revision). Playing good golf right now. As for the Hogan name, it brings back good memories. I learned to play the game using a beat up set of Hogan Apex Edge irons. To me, the Hogan name has always meant a set of beautiful, well made clubs. They've never been the easiest clubs to hit, but when you put in the work with them, they've always rewarded good swings with a feel and ballflight that is exactly what you expected. If the new version of Hogan can live up to that standard, it will be a very worthy product indeed.
  10. Love to test. Yes, I have access to a Flightscope LM and my swingspeed with a driver is 100 mph.
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