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  1. I just picked up some uncut Comp NT shafts from a local proshop that was clearing out old stock. 15$ each! I have 2-85s and 1-65x all .335 tip. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these shafts. Tipping vs non tipping etc. What are the characteristcs of the shafts if they are tipped or if they are installed standard bore without tipping? I have heard that these shafts are "stiffer than average". I have an Adams 9032ls head right now to play with.
  2. Thanks for the insight. I was looking at some club specs online and it looks like my heads are about 25g lighter than most. Do you think that the original plating would have been that heavy or would these possibly be some sort of special head. Note: I got them off a used rack a number of years ago, therefore I have no idea what the history of them was. They had a stepless shafts in them that were standard lengths and have a total weight of 170g with a v-55 cord grip and a tip weight in them (no idea what weight though). I don't even know what the original swingweight was but I just ordered a scale so I hope to check it in a couple of days. They were just taking up space in a spare bag in my basement and this was supposed to be a fun winter project to get me started on club building. It might be a bigger deal than I anticipated. The x-forged that I currently use are D2 so I wanted to get these the same. Maybe it isn't in the cards though and they will just be a better looking set taking up space in a spare bag in the basement.
  3. All you lefties should take a trip to Canada. We have a pretty good selection of LH stuff up here. I think that something like 25% of golfers in Canada are LH (don't quote me on that). It might have something to do with hockey (don't quote me on that either)? Anyways we don't get it too bad as far as selection, mind you the tour issue stuff and some of the limited release stuff is still unavailable, oh yeah and putters too. Ping seems to be the only one that has all (most of) their stuff available to both sides of the ball.
  4. Refinished Iron Heads - Bluing Miznuno Irons I had an old set of MP30 irons that were looking a little tough so I though I would try to refinish them. The first step was to remove the original finish. After some research online and a couple of phone calls I decided to let a pro do this. It was well worth it (only cost $30). It can be done yourself and there is alot of information online about stripping chrome from both the automotive and firearm crowds. After the chrome was stripped I sandblasted the heads to give them a consistent finish and take out some of the nicks and scratches. I then taped off the faces and "polished" the rest of the head with a "scotchbrite" â„¢ pad. This was not a high gloss finish, more of a satin finish. I am sure more polishing could be done with steel wool. I then applied a "bluing" (4oz bottle purchased at local gun shop) solution to the heads. I wiped it evenly around each head for about 1 minute then rinsed them off. The final step was the paintfill (thanks to previous posts for the tips). One suprise that I have had is the headweights. In trying to precalc my swingweight I weighed the heads and they are quite light. My 9 iron head is only 260g. I am not sure if the original plating would have made up this difference as I didn't weight them prior to stripping. I am planning on using new DGS300 shafts in them with 47g grips so I guess I will have to do some tip weighting prior to reassembling them to get my swingweights back to around D2. Any tips here would be appreciated. Is tungsten powder the way to go? Can't wait for the snow to go!!!!
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