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  1. Your first name & home state or province: Jackson - Pennsylvania Your current driver/shaft combo: Ping G30 - Stock shaft R Your driver swing speed and average distance: 97mph - 230 yards Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names: LaCrackson - LaCrackson Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android): iPhone
  2. Jackson King of Prussia, PA HCP: 10 Clubs: Ping i20 Your biggest strength - Consistency in distance and shape PW-7 Your weakness to your iron game - Rest of the irons
  3. Jackson - Philadelphia, Pa - Handicap: 15 Blank canvas - Anything to keep me consistent and confident Honestly, I don't know what I'm really looking for in my dream bag. I've never been truly fit but hoping this would be the opportunity to know what my dream bag is. Anything to keep me consistent and confident
  4. Jackson - PA/MURICA' Ping i20 - 4-PW/regular flex Current handicap - 12
  5. HoganFit Results: See attached image below! Handicap: 10 What Hogan means to me: Hogan is the gold standard when thinking of golf. Though I've only played for 2 years. I feel like my game can be taken to the next level. I learned how to play borrowing a friend's fathers clubs (they were blades and very tough to play, he was a pro). These look like they should be the clubs I've learned to love. FW•15 IRONS Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 20 21 22 23 59 39 $149 24 25 26 27 59.5 38.25 $149 28 29 30 31 60 37.5 $149 32 33 34 35 61 36.75 $1
  6. Do they feel like the 14s? Huge fan of them and I was going to pull the trigger on a custom pair just as these were release, but Nike took the 14s off their ID side. Shame but I will definitely be buying a pair.
  7. I don't keep a handicap. I don't even keep score if I'm playing by myself. I actually enjoy playing, mishits and all. I don't care whatever handicap you are. I'm going to beat you no matter where you want to shoot the tees from. It'll only make me better when there's competition. I also hit into groups if they take way too long. Don't need 4 practice swings and you don't need to visualize the damn shot while you're standing over the ball. Should of done that while you were driving/walking to your ball.
  8. I have access to a launch monitor and my swing speed is 92-94. @LaCrackson
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