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  1. I remember my dad taking me to our local driving range when I was 9 or 10 years old. Perfect setting for me. It was dark out, light winds, 80 degrees and the lights where lighting up the night time sky and you could see the yellow balls flying through the air. Now I am and always have been pretty athletic so I was fortunately somewhat of natural. My dad hands me his driver and says "hit this" so of course I did. My first drive was crushed (probably went 170 yards) and went right down the middle. If you have played at the driving range at night you probably can imagine the visual I have. The ball taking off into the night sky and seemingly never coming down. I was HOOKED. At age 11 a buddy and I were hitting golf balls back and forth in the park trying to get to one of those line green spaghetti strainers (If your old you will remember those.) Well I bent over my ball to grab it and next thing I knew SMACK I had been hit square in my right eye with his 5 iron. I covered my eye and remember blood rushing out. I tried to run home but ended up passing out half way there. That night I was in 4 separate ambulances as each hospital we went to said we can't help him. Ended up having 8 surgeries to rebuild my right side as the club had crushed my cheek bone and eye brow. I unfortunately lost my eye in this whole ordeal and have a metal plate in my cheek. I'm not trying to bring this posting down and I only tell you this because the game of golf has been in my blood for as long as I remember. The game gives me more joy than I deserve and seeing that I have zero depth perception it makes it that more challenging, but that's part of it. I enjoy when people ask me about it and then when I say "close one eye and try to take the shot" they seem to be amazed at how hard it is. I have met so many people playing golf whether 30 years older than me or 15 years younger than me, it just doesn't matter. I simply enjoy the hell out of golf. To this day one of my favorite things to do is go down to the range at night and let them fly. I love this post! Thanks for asking the question and bringing me back to my childhood.
  2. To be honest I think Patrick Reed has the game to be the man here in America. Reading the post last month about him I think we can all agree he need to change his attitude first. It's one thing to be great and perform at that high level but to actually come out and say it is another.
  3. Just a quick reply to my own thread. In no way am I trying to make this sound I am getting paid or endorsing these guys but my experience with them has been nothing but great. The designer/builder has a true passion for golf and making clubs. Simply put I have played many manufacturer clubs and have never been 100% satisfied, which includes thousands of $$$ of my hard earned money. That could be because of my game or my set up but these irons have something the others don't, in my humble opinion. I believe in the customer being satisfied with a purchase and I have that with these.
  4. That's for that. Not sure what happened with the link.
  5. If your in the market for some new irons and are contemplating custom irons than you have to check out SCOTT GOLF. They offer anything from blades to game improving irons and can customize them with anything you want. Scott Golf uses only the best materials and shafts that make up your clubs. I got mine and love them! In fact I will be meeting with the owner, designer and builder next week in Las Vegas to make sure my SG-02's are performing as expected and if needed may make some minor adjustment while on the practice range at Piaute. This would never happen with the "Big Boys" and I believe is unheard of in the golf industry. Check them out today at http://www.scottgolf.com/home.html
  6. Seemore Mallet 33" 2 years I started using Aim Point Probably a 6 but like Bones I've been a 2 or 3. Depends on the speed of the greens.
  7. Welcome!!! You'll find lots of interesting things here.
  8. I'm with ya. This whole winter thing is for the birds. The older I get the more I think about moving south to get away from this crap.
  9. Here is what I am talking about. Will be using the focus band next month in Vegas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pArG0CJI2h0
  10. Well if you put your self in that spot off the tee in the first place you obviously can hit a massive slice or hook proably at will and not lesson will fix that bad boy so aim just left or right and put the same swing you just hit that go you there in the first place :-)
  11. I love hitting balls at the range. A couple of years ago I was hitting the range 5 days a week. Really improved my game. Now I go to the range once or twice a week just to get my mind off of things.
  12. I'm getting there! Just takes time I guest oh and willingness to screw up :-)
  13. I do take divots, not beaver pelts just nice size divots
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